Dec. 9th, 2009

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This was supposed to be a short setup to the first time John fucked Sam, but it grew of its own volition into the long setup, and then I decided I liked it enough on its own merits to post it before I got the porn itself done. so I give you the Rare Pornless Trainingverse ficlet, the only member of its species.

I hope you don't let that put you off :) there will be an explicit follow-up...I just love their dynamic here, Sam as a normal(ish) middle child and John as a *father*, and I didn't want it to get buried in the porn.


Training!verse master post
set when Eliza is a newborn, so the boys are 7 and 11.

Sammy’s been acting out more and more since the baby arrived. They went through this with Dean, but—as is the case with everything—Sam is…more. More stubborn, more distraught, more infuriating. )
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original prompt + apologetics )

obviously, Mary is alive. Obviously, incest and extreme underage are warnings for all of these. last note is spoilery (highlight to read): “Eliza” is an OFC, John and Mary's youngest child. “Caleb” is a third-generation Winchester, Dean's son.

In the order they were written (recommended reading order)

Perfect Training
John/Dean, Sam/Mary, John/Mary. Dean 10, Sam 6. conception kink.
Mommy's Little Helpers
Mary/Dean/Sam. lactation/pregnancy kink. post-Perfect Training, boys still 10 and 6.
Daddy's Little Girl
John/Eliza, no penetration. Eliza is 6 months old.
End of an Era
Mary/Dean, some Sam/Eliza, implied John/Dean. Dean 18ish, Sam 14, Eliza 8.
Sex Ed
Dean/Eliza. post-End of an Era, kids still 18, 14 and 8.
Monkey Do
Dean/Sam, implied John/Mary/Sam/Dean. Dean 8, Sam 4.
To Those Who Wait
John/Eliza/Dean. Eliza 14, Dean 24. Liza's favorite men take her virginity.
Oral is Moral
Mary/Dean, John/Mary, John/Dean. John's descent via head. Dean ranges from 4 to 8.
In the Beginning
Samuel/Mary. She swore that her kids would enjoy the game. Mary as young as 3.
Passing the Torch
Sam/Mary/Caleb. Set during To Those Who Wait. Caleb 4, Sam 20.
Negotiation Tactics
John/Sam. Sammy knows what Sammy wants. Sam 7, Dean 11, Eliza newborn.

or in chronological order )


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