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Around 2200 words. written in response to this prompt, in which Jared fucks his stepdaughter while his wife is away.

14-yo girl!Jensen, 25yo stepdaddy!Jared, and references to sex with Jenny's cougar mom. consensual, arguably.

He hasn't had the balls yet to do this when his wife is home. )
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around 3400 words. written in response to this prompt, in which Jared has sex with his daughter in a hot tub.

girl!Jensen is 13, which I think makes Jared 29. Daddycest. uh, consensual, as far as these things go.

Jared often feels guilty about jacking off in his hot tub. )
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fundamentally based on this prompt: instead of taking up the hunt, John's response to Mary's death was to move to a remote location and raise his kids in isolation. his daughter, Sam, happily takes Mary's place.

Her Everything
founding fic of the verse, but set later. ages unspecified but judging by the children, Sam is at least 22.

Forbidden Sweets
Sam 13, Dean 17. John encourages Dean to fuck his sister, too guilty to touch her himself.
Fools Rush In
Sam 14, Dean 18. John leaves them alone, and Dean comes up with a distraction from his absence.
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sequel to The Good Daddy. originally posted here, in response to the prompt: "I loved the earlier stories where John got girl!Dean pregnant, but I really want fic where he fucks her while she's heavily pregnant against her will. Maybe he tells her he's going to knock her up again once the baby is born."

Deanna always cries on the way home from the obstetrician. )
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originally posted here for a prompt "John/girl!Dean, daddy kink, dirty talk, Dean sitting on her daddy's lap and riding him. underage is awesome, am fine with either consensual or dub-con."

At fifteen, Dee is the spitting image of her mother. )
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I haven't answered all your suggestions on the previous post because I was out of town, but I read and loved all of them, and I think I'll probably end up incorporating most of them in one way or another. thank you for being as fucked in the head as I am :P

it was funny that so many of you wanted to see how all this began from both John and Mary's pov because I'd already started writing about this and the next one about Mary and *her* father. GMTA :)

Training!verse master post
references Monkey Do, and straddles it chronologically (most comes before it, but some comes after it).
EXTREME underage.

When Mary starts to show with Sammy, that’s John notices a change in Dean. )
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Training!verse master post

originally posted here EXTREME EXTREME underage. swear I'm not a pedophile, haha. just someone who enjoys taking the sickest prompts and seeing if I can make them hot :)

prompt: Mary was the one to teach the boys how to take John's cock. Now all she has to do is sit back with one or the other of the boys on her lap - playing with his little boy cock and nipples - while the other makes John come, so hard.

At six, Secret Time is Sammy's very favorite game.  )


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