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Around 2200 words. written in response to this prompt, in which Jared fucks his stepdaughter while his wife is away.

14-yo girl!Jensen, 25yo stepdaddy!Jared, and references to sex with Jenny's cougar mom. consensual, arguably.

He hasn't had the balls yet to do this when his wife is home. )
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around 3400 words. written in response to this prompt, in which Jared has sex with his daughter in a hot tub.

girl!Jensen is 13, which I think makes Jared 29. Daddycest. uh, consensual, as far as these things go.

Jared often feels guilty about jacking off in his hot tub. )
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Written for this prompt. while Jo is on summer vacation, Bill and John take her on the road and train her up as a sex toy.

EXTREME underage (Jo is 10). some paternal incest. 'consensual,' theoretically.

first day on the job, pt 1
John/Jo. Jo wants to be a 'hunt bunny' when she grows up. Uncle John has volunteered to show her how.
first day on the job, pt 2
John/Jo, Bill/Jo. John and Bill give Jo her first lesson in hunt bunny duties.
first day on the job, pt 3
John/Jo. Uncle John shows Jo other ways he can play with her body.

skills test
Dean/Jo with Sam watching. Dean runs Jo through her paces, and beyond.

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EXTREME underage. Jo is 10. theoretically consensual, haha.

Written for this prompt: Jo is out of school for summer vaction, so Bill and John decide to take her with them while hunting, so they can 'train' her. To see if she's paid attention, they allow other hunters to 'test' her on what she's learned. They also find that she comes in very handy as bait when then need to lure in a demon or frisky spirit. While the demon/spirits are busy with her they can sneak up and take care of them. Jo should be no younger then 8 no older then 13. Training should inlcude, blowjobs, handjobs, fucking, begging etc. (go as dark and dirty as you'd like)

When Jo was five, Daddy told her that she couldn't be a hunter, on account of how she was a girl. )
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Jensen's 13. Jared is 22, and a total raging asshole. just fyi, haha.

Originally posted here for the prompt: Young teen Jensen gets pushed for sex by her much older boyfriend, Jared. He doesn't much care if she enjoys herself, especially since she has been saying no for a long time and Jared was fed up.

The first time Jared laid eyes on Jenny, he popped wood )
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originally posted here, in response to the prompt: "He came for Sam but young Dean looks so sweet. Azazel offers to bring his mommy back and Dean takes the deal." obviously, this means extreme underage, since Dean is 4.

linked to this before, but I'm moving it to my journal because I'm thinking about adding more. so, no new content yet, sorry!

o hai handbasket. I've missed you )
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originally posted here, in response to the prompt:

Sam is left alone regularly while Dean is at work or with girls, and an older man (maybe a neighbor or something?) has been working on Sammy the whole time, telling Sam how mature he is for his age and how ready he is for an "adult" friendship. Eventually he comes onto Sam and Sam lets the man start sucking him off regularly, and the man encourages Sam's bossy side whenever this happens.

I would just like a scene where they've already gotten to the point where Sammy is a total brat about getting sucked off, demanding it whenever he wants and telling the man how to do it. There's no other sex acts involved and the man doesn't try to get Sam to do anything for him, because he totally gets off on this little boy bossing him around sexually.

Sam is 12yo, and there's some implied pre-wincest.

He used to get jealous when his brother would go on dates, but lately, he looks forward to the time alone. )
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original prompt + apologetics )

obviously, Mary is alive. Obviously, incest and extreme underage are warnings for all of these. last note is spoilery (highlight to read): “Eliza” is an OFC, John and Mary's youngest child. “Caleb” is a third-generation Winchester, Dean's son.

In the order they were written (recommended reading order)

Perfect Training
John/Dean, Sam/Mary, John/Mary. Dean 10, Sam 6. conception kink.
Mommy's Little Helpers
Mary/Dean/Sam. lactation/pregnancy kink. post-Perfect Training, boys still 10 and 6.
Daddy's Little Girl
John/Eliza, no penetration. Eliza is 6 months old.
End of an Era
Mary/Dean, some Sam/Eliza, implied John/Dean. Dean 18ish, Sam 14, Eliza 8.
Sex Ed
Dean/Eliza. post-End of an Era, kids still 18, 14 and 8.
Monkey Do
Dean/Sam, implied John/Mary/Sam/Dean. Dean 8, Sam 4.
To Those Who Wait
John/Eliza/Dean. Eliza 14, Dean 24. Liza's favorite men take her virginity.
Oral is Moral
Mary/Dean, John/Mary, John/Dean. John's descent via head. Dean ranges from 4 to 8.
In the Beginning
Samuel/Mary. She swore that her kids would enjoy the game. Mary as young as 3.
Passing the Torch
Sam/Mary/Caleb. Set during To Those Who Wait. Caleb 4, Sam 20.
Negotiation Tactics
John/Sam. Sammy knows what Sammy wants. Sam 7, Dean 11, Eliza newborn.

or in chronological order )
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for this prompt. Jared is a 20yo college football player and Jen is his 14yo little sister. also, Jared's kind of a pig. Jen is reluctant at times, but it's consensual.

girl!Jen's full name is still Jensen, because I don't like messing with names.

the crush
when Jared goes to college, his sister gets weird. when he comes home for a visit, he finds out why.
what she wished for
Jared fucks Jenny for the first time.
making do and making do, part two
Jared's back at college. cue phone sex and masturbation.
Jensen comes to visit, and Jared's pissed to discover they can't have sex. Til he realizes he can try something new.
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Dean was kidnapped by demons as a child. it pretty much fucks the Winchesters up forever.

extreme underage, non-con & dubcon, violence and snuff.

Dean's kidnapping is Sam's first real memory. )
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in response to a prompt posted here, in which Dean is regressed physically and mentally to a young child, and Sam, you know, does stuff.

extreme underage (Dean is 6), dubcon by way of manipulation, and Sam doing things Sam would probably never do.

Sam doesn't remember Dean at this age. Doesn't remember a time when his brother wasn't big and strong and brave, able to suck it up under the worst possible circumstances. )
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follows Her Everything (prequel), but it can be read stand-alone

originally posted here for a prompt in which John enjoys watching Sam and Dean fuck, then licking them clean afterwards.

When Dean first starts fucking Samantha, all Dad will do is watch. )
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sequel to The Good Daddy. originally posted here, in response to the prompt: "I loved the earlier stories where John got girl!Dean pregnant, but I really want fic where he fucks her while she's heavily pregnant against her will. Maybe he tells her he's going to knock her up again once the baby is born."

Deanna always cries on the way home from the obstetrician. )
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originally posted here for a prompt "John/girl!Dean, daddy kink, dirty talk, Dean sitting on her daddy's lap and riding him. underage is awesome, am fine with either consensual or dub-con."

At fifteen, Dee is the spitting image of her mother. )


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