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Around 2200 words. written in response to this prompt, in which Jared fucks his stepdaughter while his wife is away.

14-yo girl!Jensen, 25yo stepdaddy!Jared, and references to sex with Jenny's cougar mom. consensual, arguably.

He hasn't had the balls yet to do this when his wife is home. )
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EXTREME underage. Jo is 10. theoretically consensual, haha.

Written for this prompt: Jo is out of school for summer vaction, so Bill and John decide to take her with them while hunting, so they can 'train' her. To see if she's paid attention, they allow other hunters to 'test' her on what she's learned. They also find that she comes in very handy as bait when then need to lure in a demon or frisky spirit. While the demon/spirits are busy with her they can sneak up and take care of them. Jo should be no younger then 8 no older then 13. Training should inlcude, blowjobs, handjobs, fucking, begging etc. (go as dark and dirty as you'd like)

When Jo was five, Daddy told her that she couldn't be a hunter, on account of how she was a girl. )
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continued from here. Uhhh, so obviously Jared is a caveman. Management is not responsible for his opinions on the female body :P

Mom drives Jenny up on a Friday, in time for lunch. )
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continued from here. in which Jared is back at school, and there is dirty phone sex.

Lately, he needs a lot of privacy. )


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