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for this prompt, posted under the spell!verse tag at [livejournal.com profile] cfamiliaris.

j2 AU ft dog!Jared. Jared is a mailroom worker in Jensen's company, until a spell is cast that turns him into Jensen's fantasy lover. Unfortunately, that makes him a stray dog.

Dog Days 1
Jared gets doggified, and discovers his boss is not a bad guy. just a perverted one.
Dog Days 2
Jensen bends over for his new best friend.
Dog Days 3
After a week of wild animal sex, both of the boys get a nasty shock when the spell wears off.
Less than twenty-four hours after Jensen’s proposal, Jared was completely moved in to the apartment Jensen had offered him.

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this fic contains spoilers for 5.02!

originally posted here for the prompt: Dean is taken by something to be used for breeding. Maybe there's a pheromone it gives off that eventually makes Dean pliant and willing while slowly turning him into the gestating version of the same sort of creature. By the time Sam kills the creature and rescues Dean, he's long ago been changed into the same sort of creature who abducted him. Dean proceeds to plead for Sam to take the place of his mate, at which point Sam begins to change as well.

It was his own fucking fault, being as careless as he was. )
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originally posted here. prompt: The Winchesters keep an unrelated girl for convenient sex. They're very casual about her, perhaps arguing about who gets her for the night like they might argue about where to eat.

girl-sharing without real Wincest, misogyny, het anal, no condoms. er, think that covers it.

The boys are still young when John meets her, maybe 11 and 8 )


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