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for this prompt, posted under the spell!verse tag at [livejournal.com profile] cfamiliaris.

j2 AU ft dog!Jared. Jared is a mailroom worker in Jensen's company, until a spell is cast that turns him into Jensen's fantasy lover. Unfortunately, that makes him a stray dog.

Dog Days 1
Jared gets doggified, and discovers his boss is not a bad guy. just a perverted one.
Dog Days 2
Jensen bends over for his new best friend.
Dog Days 3
After a week of wild animal sex, both of the boys get a nasty shock when the spell wears off.
Less than twenty-four hours after Jensen’s proposal, Jared was completely moved in to the apartment Jensen had offered him.

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originally posted here, for an OP that wanted Dean raped by some sort of really large animal. obviously, herein lies crack.

bestiality, unpleasantly large dicks, and...this is not an enjoyable experience for Dean like...at all.

Fucking ghost of a zookeeper. )
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all of my dog bestiality fics are posted at [livejournal.com profile] cfamiliaris:


Because I Got High
j2, jensen/harley. title pretty much says it all. bestiality, dubcon & drug use.

j2, jensen/harley. Jared's gone, and Jensen's bored and horny. baby's first bestiality fic.
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for this prompt, posted under the Academy!verse tag at [livejournal.com profile] cfamiliaris.

j2, jensen/dogs, jensen/omcs. Jensen is a prisoner kept in a special facility. After his release, Jared gives him a safe place to recover. bestiality, questionable consensuality, pseudo-slavery, and consensual D/s.

Brood Bitch
the facility where Jared takes Harley to learn how to stud is...not what he expected.
A Rescue Story
Jared takes Jensen home to start his new life.
Boundaries and New Behaviors
Jared helps Jensen adjust to his expectations.
Cared For
Jensen is settled in and enjoys being Jared's. But there's one thing that he's missing.


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