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Written for this prompt. while Jo is on summer vacation, Bill and John take her on the road and train her up as a sex toy.

EXTREME underage (Jo is 10). some paternal incest. 'consensual,' theoretically.

first day on the job, pt 1
John/Jo. Jo wants to be a 'hunt bunny' when she grows up. Uncle John has volunteered to show her how.
first day on the job, pt 2
John/Jo, Bill/Jo. John and Bill give Jo her first lesson in hunt bunny duties.
first day on the job, pt 3
John/Jo. Uncle John shows Jo other ways he can play with her body.

skills test
Dean/Jo with Sam watching. Dean runs Jo through her paces, and beyond.

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prevous parts here. This takes place several months later. Jo meets Sam and Dean. Dean is 18,Sam is 14, and Jo is still 10.

In all the months they’d been working apart, Dad never mentioned that he and Bill had the Harvelles’ kid along. )
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continued from here. lil Jo gets ample positive reinforcement for fulfilling her duties.

extreme underage. manual cherry-popping.

Uncle John told Jo they were gonna do something secret. )
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EXTREME underage. Jo is 10. theoretically consensual, haha.

Written for this prompt: Jo is out of school for summer vaction, so Bill and John decide to take her with them while hunting, so they can 'train' her. To see if she's paid attention, they allow other hunters to 'test' her on what she's learned. They also find that she comes in very handy as bait when then need to lure in a demon or frisky spirit. While the demon/spirits are busy with her they can sneak up and take care of them. Jo should be no younger then 8 no older then 13. Training should inlcude, blowjobs, handjobs, fucking, begging etc. (go as dark and dirty as you'd like)

When Jo was five, Daddy told her that she couldn't be a hunter, on account of how she was a girl. )


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