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fundamentally based on this prompt: instead of taking up the hunt, John's response to Mary's death was to move to a remote location and raise his kids in isolation. his daughter, Sam, happily takes Mary's place.

Her Everything
founding fic of the verse, but set later. ages unspecified but judging by the children, Sam is at least 22.

Forbidden Sweets
Sam 13, Dean 17. John encourages Dean to fuck his sister, too guilty to touch her himself.
Fools Rush In
Sam 14, Dean 18. John leaves them alone, and Dean comes up with a distraction from his absence.
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third in the everything!verse, written for this prompt about Dean knocking up a young Sam and discovering he has a kink for it...before I realized I completely fucked it up. heh.

He doesn’t remember what first leads him to suggest a baby. But it draws Sam’s focus off of Dad and that’s good enough for him. )
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follows Her Everything (prequel), but it can be read stand-alone

originally posted here for a prompt in which John enjoys watching Sam and Dean fuck, then licking them clean afterwards.

When Dean first starts fucking Samantha, all Dad will do is watch. )
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originally posted here. The prompt was for John to raise the kids in isolation instead of starting to hunt, the result being that years later, Sam is happy in her place as fucktoy and mother.

she adores getting fucked by them the most when they're trying for another baby )


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