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for this prompt. Jared is a 20yo college football player and Jen is his 14yo little sister. also, Jared's kind of a pig. Jen is reluctant at times, but it's consensual.

girl!Jen's full name is still Jensen, because I don't like messing with names.

the crush
when Jared goes to college, his sister gets weird. when he comes home for a visit, he finds out why.
what she wished for
Jared fucks Jenny for the first time.
making do and making do, part two
Jared's back at college. cue phone sex and masturbation.
Jensen comes to visit, and Jared's pissed to discover they can't have sex. Til he realizes he can try something new.
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continued from here. Uhhh, so obviously Jared is a caveman. Management is not responsible for his opinions on the female body :P

Mom drives Jenny up on a Friday, in time for lunch. )
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continued from here. I never write masturbation, I dunno what's up with all the self-love

Jensen’s life is all about secrets, these days. )
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continued from here. in which Jared is back at school, and there is dirty phone sex.

Lately, he needs a lot of privacy. )
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written for this prompt, wherein Jensen is Jared's little sister. Jensen is 14 when the sex starts, and Jared is 20, home on break from college. doesn't cover the whole prompt yet, but I'm hoping to write more.

also, mostly I call the little sister "Jen" or "Jenny," but I didn't want to morph her full name into something different and there's no feminized version of "Jensen" that I know of...so I just used it, even though it's masculine.

She's still a kid when he leaves home for college, a full ride at UT to play football under his belt. Cries for a week when he starts packing for training camp. )


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