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This was supposed to be a short setup to the first time John fucked Sam, but it grew of its own volition into the long setup, and then I decided I liked it enough on its own merits to post it before I got the porn itself done. so I give you the Rare Pornless Trainingverse ficlet, the only member of its species.

I hope you don't let that put you off :) there will be an explicit follow-up...I just love their dynamic here, Sam as a normal(ish) middle child and John as a *father*, and I didn't want it to get buried in the porn.


Training!verse master post
set when Eliza is a newborn, so the boys are 7 and 11.

Sammy’s been acting out more and more since the baby arrived. They went through this with Dean, but—as is the case with everything—Sam is…more. More stubborn, more distraught, more infuriating. )
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for this prompt. Jared is a 20yo college football player and Jen is his 14yo little sister. also, Jared's kind of a pig. Jen is reluctant at times, but it's consensual.

girl!Jen's full name is still Jensen, because I don't like messing with names.

the crush
when Jared goes to college, his sister gets weird. when he comes home for a visit, he finds out why.
what she wished for
Jared fucks Jenny for the first time.
making do and making do, part two
Jared's back at college. cue phone sex and masturbation.
Jensen comes to visit, and Jared's pissed to discover they can't have sex. Til he realizes he can try something new.
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continued from here. Uhhh, so obviously Jared is a caveman. Management is not responsible for his opinions on the female body :P

Mom drives Jenny up on a Friday, in time for lunch. )
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continued from here. I never write masturbation, I dunno what's up with all the self-love

Jensen’s life is all about secrets, these days. )
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continued from here. in which Jared is back at school, and there is dirty phone sex.

Lately, he needs a lot of privacy. )
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written for this prompt, wherein Jensen is Jared's little sister. Jensen is 14 when the sex starts, and Jared is 20, home on break from college. doesn't cover the whole prompt yet, but I'm hoping to write more.

also, mostly I call the little sister "Jen" or "Jenny," but I didn't want to morph her full name into something different and there's no feminized version of "Jensen" that I know of...so I just used it, even though it's masculine.

She's still a kid when he leaves home for college, a full ride at UT to play football under his belt. Cries for a week when he starts packing for training camp. )
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Dean was kidnapped by demons as a child. it pretty much fucks the Winchesters up forever.

extreme underage, non-con & dubcon, violence and snuff.

Dean's kidnapping is Sam's first real memory. )
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in response to a prompt posted here, in which Dean is regressed physically and mentally to a young child, and Sam, you know, does stuff.

extreme underage (Dean is 6), dubcon by way of manipulation, and Sam doing things Sam would probably never do.

Sam doesn't remember Dean at this age. Doesn't remember a time when his brother wasn't big and strong and brave, able to suck it up under the worst possible circumstances. )
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because some of you wanted to know what the rest of the family was up to in St. Louis :) and also because Sammy wasn't getting enough love.

Training!verse master post. EXTREME underage.

Unlike the rest of his family, Sam is fully aware of how fucked up they are. )
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fundamentally based on this prompt: instead of taking up the hunt, John's response to Mary's death was to move to a remote location and raise his kids in isolation. his daughter, Sam, happily takes Mary's place.

Her Everything
founding fic of the verse, but set later. ages unspecified but judging by the children, Sam is at least 22.

Forbidden Sweets
Sam 13, Dean 17. John encourages Dean to fuck his sister, too guilty to touch her himself.
Fools Rush In
Sam 14, Dean 18. John leaves them alone, and Dean comes up with a distraction from his absence.
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third in the everything!verse, written for this prompt about Dean knocking up a young Sam and discovering he has a kink for it...before I realized I completely fucked it up. heh.

He doesn’t remember what first leads him to suggest a baby. But it draws Sam’s focus off of Dad and that’s good enough for him. )
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follows Her Everything (prequel), but it can be read stand-alone

originally posted here for a prompt in which John enjoys watching Sam and Dean fuck, then licking them clean afterwards.

When Dean first starts fucking Samantha, all Dad will do is watch. )
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originally posted here. The prompt was for John to raise the kids in isolation instead of starting to hunt, the result being that years later, Sam is happy in her place as fucktoy and mother.

she adores getting fucked by them the most when they're trying for another baby )
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originally posted here, for an OP that wanted Dean raped by some sort of really large animal. obviously, herein lies crack.

bestiality, unpleasantly large dicks, and...this is not an enjoyable experience for Dean like...at all.

Fucking ghost of a zookeeper. )
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this fic contains spoilers for 5.02!

originally posted here for the prompt: Dean is taken by something to be used for breeding. Maybe there's a pheromone it gives off that eventually makes Dean pliant and willing while slowly turning him into the gestating version of the same sort of creature. By the time Sam kills the creature and rescues Dean, he's long ago been changed into the same sort of creature who abducted him. Dean proceeds to plead for Sam to take the place of his mate, at which point Sam begins to change as well.

It was his own fucking fault, being as careless as he was. )
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sequel to The Good Daddy. originally posted here, in response to the prompt: "I loved the earlier stories where John got girl!Dean pregnant, but I really want fic where he fucks her while she's heavily pregnant against her will. Maybe he tells her he's going to knock her up again once the baby is born."

Deanna always cries on the way home from the obstetrician. )
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originally posted here for a prompt "John/girl!Dean, daddy kink, dirty talk, Dean sitting on her daddy's lap and riding him. underage is awesome, am fine with either consensual or dub-con."

At fifteen, Dee is the spitting image of her mother. )

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