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Jensen's 13. Jared is 22, and a total raging asshole. just fyi, haha.

Originally posted here for the prompt: Young teen Jensen gets pushed for sex by her much older boyfriend, Jared. He doesn't much care if she enjoys herself, especially since she has been saying no for a long time and Jared was fed up.

The first time Jared laid eyes on Jenny, he popped wood...0 to 60 one heartbeat to the next. She was looking at tacky earrings in the crappy jewelry store that catered to the middle school set, across the mall corridor from the corndog place where he worked for this exact view.

He'd been dying to get his dick into that little girl since the first time he saw her, six goddamn months ago.

The funny thing was, back then he'd been worried that someone else had gotten there first. Jared usually went for the less developed girls, the ones that boys their age hadn't yet noticed, and grown men only looked to if they were sick motherfuckers. Jared wasn't one of them. He didn't get all hot and horny over little kids. But experience had taught him they would tend to be a little fresher if their tits were not yet a handful.

Jenny had a handful. Jesus Christ. Not that big for a grown woman, C-cup he'd guess, but they drew the eye on her skinny frame, stretching out the clingy little top designed for a girl her age who was still in a training bra. Short fucking skirt, too, that clung to narrow hips. Jared liked em fresh, but he called her over anyway, because this one he'd do even if she was a slut.

He'd known she was pure as driven snow the second she blushed just looking at him. And he knew he had to have her.

Jared is a motherfucking catch. Yeah, chicks his own age don't think so, twenty-two and still slinging mall food like he has since he was fourteen. Fuck them. He's hot, and he's built, and he doesn't live in a fucking mansion but it's not like he's still in Mom's basement, watching Star Trek.

Younger girls understand Jared's awesomeness. Even a shy little thing like Jenny jumps at the chance to have him. Within a week of that first meeting, he had her on his motorcycle, clinging to his waist while he drove them back to his place.

Six fucking months ago, less one week, he'd been sure he was about to get lucky. Now Jared's just excited to be fully dressed on his goddamn couch, touching Jenny's ripe little tits from underneath her shirt.

"Jared," Jenny finally complains, pushing at his shoulders and squirming away from his hand. Her face is pink and she's biting her lip, and Jared's had blue balls for half a goddamn year.

"Jesus fucking Christ, are you KIDDING me?" She flinches, and for some reason that only makes him madder. He hasn't hit the stupid bitch yet, what kind of monster does she think that he is? "I'm not gonna hurt you, goddammit. I'm just tired of dealing with all your coy bullshit. It's not cute anymore, Jen."

"It's not supposed to be cute." Her eyes are big and shiny. "I told you, I don't believe in sex--"

"Before marriage, yeah, I got the fucking bulletin." Jared pushes himself off the couch and turns away from Jenny, who's hugging herself and trying not to cry. "You know what? I think I'm done."

"...What?" Her voice is high and choked, and when Jared looks over, there are tears already gathering, and yeah. Yeah, he's just fucking done. Wasted all this time. Her body's thirteen and then some, but she has the emotional maturity of a coconut.

"What, you think my life's fucking goal is to make out like a kid every fucking afternoon? I thought you were mature for your age, but I was obviously wrong. I can't do this anymore."

Her voice cracks. "You're breaking up with me?"

"Yeah, Sherlock, I'm breaking up with you."

The tears finally spill over thick lashes, and fuck, she's pretty when she cries. She scrambles up off the couch, and Jared takes a cruel step back when she reaches for him, just to see more of them fall.

"No. You can't. Jared, please." She's sobbing now, and Jared feels his dick throb. "I'm sorry. I'm so sorry, I've been selfish. I'll make it up to you, I swear. Just tell me what to do."

"Strip," Jared says without hesitation. The surprise of that cuts abruptly through her tears, but the way her pretty mouth gapes makes up for that. "That's what I want. Prove you're finished dicking me around, and I won't dump you. But I don't want to hear any fucking whining about what you will and won't do. Take off your goddamn clothes, or there's the door."

She stares blankly. Her face is splotchy from crying and her eyes are red and glassy, and she just stands there, eyes a little unfocused, until Jared makes a disgusted sound and goes to show her out.

She jolts like he just goosed her, grabs the hem of her t-shirt with shaky hands and pulls it off over her head, slow and with her eyes focused to the left of Jared’s head, like she thinks he might change his mind, say he’s just kidding. She doesn’t mean it as a tease, but it totally is one. Jenny’s not wearing a bra today. It drives Jared crazy how often she goes without, like nobody’s told her yet that she’s too well-endowed to get away with that any more. She’s been teasing him for months with the soft jiggle under thin cotton when she walks, the obvious outline of nipples when she’s cold, but this is the first time he’s seen them bare.

“Such a nice fucking body,” Jared murmurs, and Jenny freezes up, face pinkening. Her nipples pucker up, blush a darker rose against the cream of her skin, and this is more fucking like it. “Why did you stop? I want you naked. Now.”

She chews on her lip, which only plumps it up. Has no idea, most likely, what that makes him want to do. She’s naïve, which has driven him batshit, but it’s sexy now that he’s getting his way. Her fingers fumble with the fly of her short shorts, but she slides her underwear off along with them, like she wants to get it over with.

She’s breathing hard and fast, which does wonders for her tits, but he’s looking his fill a little lower than that now. Jared feels another wave of anger that it’s taken this long to confirm how fucking perfect she is under those scraps she calls clothes. He sincerely doubts she’s ever shaved or waxed, but she’s young enough that she looks neat and trimmed naturally. Her fist is balled up against her thigh, like she knows she’ll get in trouble for covering herself up.

He reels her in and groans at all that soft naked flesh pressed against his clothed body, running greedy hands over as much as he can reach and sinking his teeth into her shoulder. It’s an uncomfortable angle for his neck, since she only reaches his chin, but he makes up some of the distance when he grabs her ass with both hands and grinds her up against his erection.

It’s almost by accident that he discovers she’s wet, fingers finding moisture as he adjusts for a better grip. “Fuck.” His fingers slip along her slit, and Jared feels a flash of lust, but also rage, just a blinding split-second that has him pushing inside with a single finger and breathing in the whimper when he presses against her hymen. “For a virgin, you’re kind of a slut,” he hisses against her ear. “Were you wet like this every fucking time you squeezed your pretty thighs together?”

Her breath hitches hard, which he takes as a yes. She stumbles back a step when he abruptly lets go, drops her. “I wanna see you on your knees.” Her eyes fill back up, and she looks on the verge of speaking when he grabs her wrist, gripping tight. “Do it or get out. I want you on your knees.”

“Okay,” she says in a pinched voice, “You’re hurting my wrist.”

Jared loosens his grip but doesn’t let go. “Knees.”

His dick twitches at the clumsy, artless way she goes down. He presses her hand there, against the visible ridge pressing out against denim. There’s an instinctive yank as she tries to pull away, but at his look, she settles, hand flat and unmoving til he uses it to massage his dick. Her face flushes pinker, eyes sliding away from his crotch. She licks her lips, and he wonders if she just felt his cock jump.

“I want you to apologize.”

“I’m sor—“

“Not with words,” he cuts her off. “I obviously can’t believe a damn word that comes from your mouth. Let’s put that lying tongue to better use, huh?” He strokes her hand up and down his shaft, so there’s no mistaking what he means. From the tint of her cheeks, he knows she gets it. “You do a good enough job, you might hang on to that cherry a while longer.”

He releases her hand, but when she reaches for the rivet, Jared changes his mind. “Through the jeans. I’m not sure it’s worth my time to open my fly for you. Prove it, first, with that cockteasing mouth of yours.”

He almost loses it when leans right in and licks denim, like a tasty lollipop. Her eyes are down, so all he can see is the fringe of her lashes as she mouths her way along his trapped hard-on. When they finally flash up to his face, Jared has to pull her away with a fist in her hair, so he doesn’t cream his boxers.

His voice isn’t that steady when he tells her, “Not good enough.” If it lacks conviction, she doesn’t seem to notice. “But I think you earned getting fucked in bed. Go ahead, I’ll be there in a minute.”

She nods and stumbles to her feet, but she looks about to cry again. As appealing as that is, he doesn’t want her weeping when he slips his dick inside her. He has a flash of Jenny on top of him, riding his cock and panting, eager, insatiable, and his to train. Jared catches her hand before she can go and pulls her close. Getting to fuck her does him no good if it scares her off, after. He didn’t put all this time in for a one night stand.

He wraps his arms around her and kisses the top of her head, ignoring how stiff she is. He’s approached this wrong.

“I didn’t want to do it this way,” he explains as he strokes her hair. “I figured our first time—your first time—would be special. But you made me wait so long, baby. You made me crazy, waiting. I got upset.”

“I’m sorry,” she mumbles against his shirt, and he kisses her again, rewarding.

“That’s ok. It’s ok. We’re gonna fix it now, right? And once it’s done, it’ll be all better. We can forget you ever made things so difficult. We’ll just forget this whole argument.”

He feels her sag and shudder a little with relief. “Really?”

“Really. Maybe I overreacted a little. A man has needs, and I wanted you so damn bad.”

“I’m sorry,” she says again, and he smoothes her hair back, bends down to kiss her properly. He makes it soft and sweet, for her, though his balls are aching.

“It’s ok. I was just frustrated, that’s all. You kept saying, not until marriage, but it’s five years til the state says we can do that. Every time you said no, all I heard was you don’t trust me.”

Her breath hitches. “Of course I do.”

Jared shrugs and looks away. “Then I just don’t see why the formalities matter.”

“They don’t,” she insists, and Jared almost grins. This is more fucking like it. He’s half-tempted to back off completely, so she’ll ask him to fuck her.

But he’s not one for gambling with his dick on the line.

“Okay then.” He scoops her up and hefts her on his shoulder, and she squawks at him, laughing. There are jokes about thresholds and bridegrooms that she pretends don’t make her happy. Jared doubts he’ll ever marry her. By the time she’s eighteen she’ll have outgrown that stuff, if he hasn’t outgrown her. But she’s already lasted longer than any of his girlfriends before, so who fucking knows. It’s good enough that the promise makes her happy now.

Happy gets her spread for him.

He flips her onto the mattress with a little bounce, and she quiets down with nerves while Jared strips off his own clothes. She’s seen him shirtless before, likes to blush at his muscles and avert her eyes when he notices, but she’s bright pink by the time he drops his pants and crawls up on the bed. Her eyes dart to his dick, and then quickly away, over and over til he’s pressed up against her, leaking pre-come on her hip so she blushes past her collarbone. She tries to clamp down on his hand when he slips a finger inside her, but he’s there long enough to feel that she’s not wet enough.

She’s nervous, he figures, and it’s lucky he’s jacked off like a twelve-year-old for the last six months, cuz he has plenty of lube. And he’s so done with foreplay.

He slicks himself up while Jenny watches and tries not to ask what he’s doing. It takes a little work to fit himself between her legs, cuz she’s willing but skittish, and even then she won’t spread for him til he hooks her knees over his elbows and does it himself. She has a pretty pink cunt he’ll appreciate later, but for now he guides himself in, does a slow test nudge to be sure of the angle while reminding her relax as she tries to squeeze him out. When he presses on her hymen and she tells him it hurts, he says, “ssh, I know.”

Jared backs out an inch and she sighs in relief, and he rams himself forward, busting her open.

Her legs try to lower and close, but all it does is rock her hips up against him, snugging his dick deep inside with a ripple of muscle. Jenny is crying again, but it’s only a little and couldn’t really be helped. It’ll pass. He holds still til it does, til the vice grip on his cock eases a fraction and she settles under him telling her she’s good, such a good girl, and bullshit like that. Not enough oxygen is making its way to his brain, so he’s kind of on autopilot.

Whatever he says, it obviously works. She relaxes enough for him to make a few easy thrusts before he settles back down fully sheathed because. Jesus, fuck. She’s hot and tight with just the lube between them, hotter and tighter and more fucking perfect than he remembered it being. It’s probably only perfect because it’s been so goddamn long...he’s had girls who were smaller, or wetter, more eager, more reluctant, but he can’t remember his eyes rolling back in his head quite like this.

“Jesus Christ, I love your cunt,” he groans against her throat, and it ripples around him like a thank you for the compliment.

Jenny’s nails, which had scratched the hell out of his shoulders at some point, dig back in as he shifts up to stare at the place where they’re joined. “Still hurts, a little.”

“I know,” he says, biting his lip and watching his dick draw out of her. “It’ll get better,” he promises. “First time’s always rough. You’re so good, doing this for me.” He pants as he presses slowly back inside, prying muscles apart as they try to clamp down on him. “Relax. Relax for me, or it’ll really hurt. Good girl. Ohh, good...fucking girl. So good for me. Christ, Jen, I love you.”

She lets him in easy after that, and he decides she’ll be sore if he’s fast or he’s slow, so he might as well do what comes natural. She’s quiet til he picks up speed, hitching her legs to his shoulders and really letting go. After that, she’s loud, loud enough that he’s glad there’s no one on the other side of this wall. It’s wordless nonsense, guttural punctuating noise that’s pleasure or pain. Either way, it’s hot as fucking hell. It drives him faster, harder, til she’s scratching up his back, bent in half with her face tense and frozen.

He expects to pop off really fast but somehow the wait and frustration make his stamina awesome, and he fucks the shit out of her, til she’s limp and exhausted. He thinks she gets off. Maybe. By the time Jared comes, he’s so drenched in sweat, the whole bed is a wet spot.

He lets her feet off his shoulders and collapses down on his elbows or he’d squish the little girl. They’re always so much smaller. Most everyone is, but he loves the size of them, this age. Makes him feel like fucking He-Man. She shifts her legs with a little wounded noise til she realizes he’s not moving, and they come to rest around his hips. Jared presses as far in as pelvises allow, enjoying the squish and contraction of muscle around his softening cock.

He kisses her cheek, sweat mixed in with tears. Coming blew the top of his head off, and now he felt all boneless, warm and mellow. “You’re amazing, baby. I love you so much.”

Her arms and legs tighten down on him and she sniffles a little. “I love you too.”

“I know. And next time we’ll take it slower. Spend the whole day in bed. How does that sound?”

She shudders—it is kinda cold in here, now that they’re soaked—and gives him a watery smile. “Can I go to the bathroom?”

“Oh! Sorry, babe. Of course.”

He rolls away and watches her go, a little ginger as she walks. Fuck yeah, of course she’s bowlegged. Jesus. He kinda lost his head for a while. As much as he’d enjoyed it, they’d have to hold off on a repeat. Wouldn’t wanna hurt her.

He should have pulled out the marriage thing the first time it came up. Sometimes he’s such a fucking idiot. He should get her a little ring. Didn’t have to be real, as long as it didn’t turn her finger green.

The sink turned off, and then the bathroom door opened but Jenny hesitated. “Drive me home?”

Yeah, a ring would do the trick. Head shit like this off at the pass. Give her something solid, so he won’t have to reassure her every fucking time she starts feeling insecure.

“Later. Come take a nap, I wanna be with you.”

Something starting to light up behind her eyes. “Yeah?”

“Yeah. Wanna hold my girl.”

She licks her lip and blushes before heading over towards the bed. He never did try her mouth. He thinks about her voice going husky from a long session giving head, and his dick won’t even twitch. He lets her get settled on the dry part of the bed and squeezes up behind her, so he’s pressed against her ass. Still no interest, and Jared has to chuckle. Shit, she wrung him right out.

Jared feels a little smile form all on its own, and drifts off to sleep imagining ways to use that body, now that he’s got it in his hands.

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So frickin' hawt....more??

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oh lord! more plz?


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