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Sam is left alone regularly while Dean is at work or with girls, and an older man (maybe a neighbor or something?) has been working on Sammy the whole time, telling Sam how mature he is for his age and how ready he is for an "adult" friendship. Eventually he comes onto Sam and Sam lets the man start sucking him off regularly, and the man encourages Sam's bossy side whenever this happens.

I would just like a scene where they've already gotten to the point where Sammy is a total brat about getting sucked off, demanding it whenever he wants and telling the man how to do it. There's no other sex acts involved and the man doesn't try to get Sam to do anything for him, because he totally gets off on this little boy bossing him around sexually.

Sam is 12yo, and there's some implied pre-wincest.

Sam starts to get a chubby as soon as Dean walks out the door. He used to get jealous when his brother would go on dates, but lately, he looks forward to the time alone.

Or, not alone. Five minutes after the Impala roars off to get its windows steamed, Sam pockets the spare key to the apartment and sneaks up two flights of stairs to knock on Mark's door.

"Sam!" Mark always looks so happy to see him. And he treats him like a grown-up, not like stupid little Sammy. He has real furniture and a permanent job and a college education. He only lives in this shitty complex because it's close to where he works. "Dean's out painting the town?"

"Dean's out getting herpes," Sam replies, because he knows that it'll make Mark laugh. One of these days, it might even be true. Now that Dean has his actual license and the keys to the Impala, there's a new chick almost every night.

Sam doesn't mind. Really. It's more time with Mark.

Mark has cable, and he likes to watch what Sam likes. Discovery, and stuff like that. It's the reason Sam started hanging out over here at first, but now when Mark says Sam should sit down while he finishes this shark program, Sam's antsy and impatient.

He's really hard already, and the smell of Mark's cologne doesn't make waiting any easier. He wishes they could just get straight to the good stuff without all the pretense.

Their thighs are pressed together and Mark's arm is stretched out along the couch behind him, so Sam fits up against him. If he turns his head, he can breathe in against Mark's polo.

The fly of Sam's off-brand jeans is distorted from how hard he is, and the cotton of his underwear seems almost too rough. He thinks about how much better Mark's tongue would feel, and has to adjust himself to keep from popping through the leg of his briefs when he twitches.

Sam slides a look at Mark, whose attention stays riveted to the tv. He shouldn't care about whale shark migration when Sam needs his dick sucked so bad.

"Mark, I need it," he whines, and when Mark starts to laugh, Sam knows he's been had. Mark knew what he wanted all along. He just likes Sam to ask for it. "You suck!"

"If you insist," Mark teases.

It's a reminder of how he wants Sam to act, as much as it's a joke. Sam bites his lip and pulls Mark by the shirt front. Well. He can't actually pull Mark anywhere, because Mark is so much bigger, but he tugs and Mark moves.

"Blow me. I want...I want you to take the whole thing." And when Mark raises an eyebrow, prompting Sam for the words, Sam blushes hard, but forges ahead. "Choke yourself on my cock. Now."

Mark moans, and slides off the couch onto his knees. "So filthy, coming out of that sweet little mouth."

He pulls at Sam's legs to bring him closer to the edge, nearly flat on his back, and when he takes Sam's shirt off, Sam tries not to be embarrassed. His blubbery belly is gross, what Dad calls his "puppy fat," but Mark likes to kiss it. And suck on his nipples, which the kids at school call his boobs.

They are really sensitive, but he's so self-conscious about his weight that Mark's attention turns him off a little. Or, really, just edges him back from being super-turned on. When Mark pops his jeans open, he's still got a stiffie.

Mark breathes on it through the worn material of his underpants, and Sam moans and squirms. "God, just do it," he complains, and he can feel Mark smile against the swell of his belly.

"Make me," Mark tells him, which makes Sam mad. He makes a fist in Mark's hair and pushes his face into his crotch. He's rewarded immediately by Mark sucking through the cotton.

After that, Mark gets too eager to play too many games. He strips off Sam's briefs and starts jacking Sam's cock, spitting to smooth the movement of his hand. This used to make Sam come, but he's gotten better and better at waiting.

"Such a pretty, grown-up dick," Mark breathes - literally, warm and damp against his slit, before he starts to tease into it with his tongue. Sam used to feel bad for being smaller than both Dean and Dad, but Mark tells him how five inches is really big for a twelve-year-old. How it means he'll be huge when he's finally all grown up.

"Oh...suck it," Sam begs as Mark swallows him down. He knows by now exactly what to say. Sam likes it, even though it doesn't all make sense. He should tell Mark what to do, even if he'll do it anyway. And Mark likes when Sam says things that aren't really possible. Like when Sam says 'choke on it,' even though Mark never chokes.

He's still embarrassed by the things he says sometimes, but it also makes him...proud? It makes him feel good, telling Mark what to do. Almost as good as Mark's mouth on his cock.

Ok, not really. Nothing feels. Nothing feels....

When Mark swallows all the way, nothing feels as good as this. Sam's just not ready for the feeling to go, when Mark starts to pull away. He holds him down, hips bucking when Mark tries again.

"Stay down, you slut," he pants without thinking, and Mark groans, which feels amazing on his dick. He really likes being called bad names. "Whore," Sam says, trying to make him moan again. Mark doesn't, but Sam feels good just from saying it, like he's drunk or floating. "Little boy dick slut." He doesn't know if that even makes sense, but he's so close to coming, and the words shove him closer.

Mark pulls back to breathe and Sam's pulls at his hair, rutting back into his mouth so hard Mark really does choke. "Oh!" He does it again, and holds Mark in place when he finally starts to squirt. He shoots onto Mark's tongue, feels him swallow it down.

He's sweaty and limp when Mark crawls back on the couch. Mark always comes without Sam's help, so he's stopped feeling bad about not wanting to help. He just lets himself be cuddled against Mark's still-dressed body.

"That was perfect," Mark tells him. His voice is a little hoarse, and Sam smirks. He did that. "I love a bossy boy who knows how to use my fuckhole."

The words vibrate against his ear, and Sam shudders involuntarily. His face gets hot, and he wonders, like he does sometimes, why Mark likes doing this so much. It makes him feel weird to think about. Especially after, when Mark's all clingy. But coming makes him sleepy.

There's pyramids on the television when Sam wakes up again. Mark is watching him and not the show.

"I should go," Sam says, but he doesn't sound sure. He never feels he can give orders, after they're...done. But Mark just nods and helps him sit up, and Sam pretends not to mind while Mark helps him put his clothes back on. He doesn't like it.

It's not the same somehow as Mark taking them off. His hands linger all over Sam, and it makes him feel odd.

He's cutting it close this time. He skates back through the door just minutes before Dean himself gets home. Dean doesn't seem to notice if Sam's still flushed from the cool night air. He just snorts when he sees the book in Sam's lap, and says that Sam will never get laid.

Dean's hair is mussed and his lids are heavy-looking, and his mouth is red from kissing. Sam knew, before, that all this added up to Dean having sex, but he never understood. He never found it sexy. Now he watches Dean out of the corner of his eye and thinks, that's how Dean would look if I fucked his face like Mark.

And he starts getting hard. Dean would look so pretty, down on his knees.
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