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everything written for [ profile] spnkink_meme or [ profile] blindfold_spn. roughly grouped by category, then ordered by reverse chronology (newest at the top).

read anything in this journal at your own risk of squickage. this is my hidey hole for all the sick shit I'd never *consider* claiming in the light of day.

I do not condone...well, just about anything you'll find here. in some cases, particularly the depictions of sex with minors, I condemn the practice in reality. Much of the appeal of fictional incest, extreme underage, and bestiality (to me, and others like me that might frequent this journal) has more to do with the extremity, the taboo nature of the subjects, the problematic consent issues, and the power differential than anything I appear to be eroticizing on the surface. the same things that add an element of wrong-sexy in fiction make these actions harmful in practice. if you find yourself with an overwhelming sexual attraction to vulnerable individuals unable to consent, please leave this place and go seek help. With my sympathy, because it's a disease that places an enormous burden on those that suffer from it.

everyone else, rest easy that I know how fucking wrong this all is, that I strongly separate fiction from reality, and if you can too, it's a harmless fantasy and you're not hurting anyone. though it'll probably still make you feel kinda dirty...that's part of the appeal, no?


minimal handbasket quotient
untitled (at blindfold)
Sam/girl!Dean. underage but unspecified, Dee wakes up one night to find Sammy in bed with her, hand in her panties.
the devil wears a pretty face
Dean/incubi, Dean/OMC, Dean/Sam. breeder!fic, demonic transformation.
Another Winchester Given
John, Dean and Sam share an OFC for convenient sex.

extreme underage & parental incest
the good neighbor
Sam/OMC. 12yo Sam's neighbor likes bossy little boys.
Hunt Bunny!verse
John/Jo/Bill. 10yo Jo is excited to learn her place in the hunting world. extreme underage, incest.
Dirty Dealing
Dean/Azazel. When the demon comes for Sam, it sees something else it likes. dubcon, extreme underage.
Little Death
Sam/Dean/OMCs. Nabbed by demons as a child, Dean grows up a human monster. extreme underage.
Sam/wee!Dean. Dean is 6 again, and Sam can't keep his hand out of the cookie jar.
John/Samantha/Dean. John raises his children in isolation after the death of their mother.
The Good Daddy
John/Deanna. John's daughter wants a baby and he'll do anything to make her happy. underage, dubcon.
John/Mary/Dean/Sam in all permutations. extreme underage. warnings are your friend.

The Universal Language
Dean/gorilla. yeah, it's...not pleasant.


extreme underage & parental incest
under cover
Jared/girl!Jensen. college-aged Jared cuddling/fondling his 12yo sister under blankets while watching a movie.
a sweet ride
Jeff/girl!Jensen. Jeff's a trucker who picks up a hitchhiker - 15yo!Jensen.
grandpa!Samuel/girl!Dean. Deanna is 12, and her grandpa is all she and Mom have left.
Jared/girl!Jensen. 14yo Jensen is put in foster care due to an inappropriate relationship with her father. Jared's her foster father.
Jared/Gen/girl!Jensen. Jared didn't expect to be babysitting his girlfriend's 8yo cousin, and especially what came after.
go back to sleep
j2 AU. Jensen is Jared's 14yo stepdaughter. underage, stepcest.
lies to build a life on
j2 AU. Jared fucks his 13yo daughter in the hot tub. underage, parental incest.
saving it for marriage
j2 AU. 22yo Jared pressures his 13yo girlfriend into putting out. dubcon, underage.
j2 AU. Jensen is Jared's 14yo sister. underage, sibling incest.

human knotting

the servant (posted at blindfold)
j2 AU. successful omega Jensen is a little reluctant when a friend gives him an alpha slave.
Man-eating Alien Shapeshifters Can Fall In Love Too
j2 AU. uh. title says everything. knotting and tentacle porn, plus mpreg and Jensen's underage
Bonded (posted at blindfold)
j2 AU. Jared is newly mated...his mom picked a male omega for him, and Jensen's cock disgusts him. incl cbt and general spousal abuse.
j2 AU. When Jensen's wife says she doesn't want more children, he turns the focus of his kink on his barely-legal babysitter, Jared.
j2 AU. Jared replaces Jensen's heat suppressants with sugar pills, to get what he wants
j2 AU. Jensen's a straight omega biding time before he can escape his bigoted hometown. Then he meets Jared, who's different from any alpha he's ever met

Unplanned Parenthood (posted at blindfold)
j2 werewolf AU. Jared adopts an omega pup, and when the 13yo goes into heat, he knots him in wolf form.
spell!verse / Dog Days
j2 AU incl dog!Jared. when a spell turns Jared into his boss's lover, he finds himself with 4 legs & a tail.
j2 AU, jensen/dogs. Jensen is a prisoner kept in a special facility. bestiality & dubcon.
Because I Got High
j2, jensen/harley. title pretty much says it all. bestiality, dubcon & drug use.
j2, jensen/harley. Jared's gone, and Jensen's bored and horny. baby's first bestiality fic.


untitled (at blindfold)
j2 AU. cabbie Jared takes advantage of a drunk passenger, whether she likes it or not.

Current WIPs

the roommate
Chris/girl!Jensen/Jared arranged marriage AU. young girl!Jensen has been given to an alpha who is already in love with his roommate and best friend. alpha-alpha relationships are extremely taboo.
the girl next door
Chris/girl!Jensen/Jared AU. Jensen is 15 and Jared and Chris are her 20-something neighbors.

Unfinished Fills

These all have some amount of porn, but I didn't finish out the plot or get around to everything the prompt asked for. Please note that while I haven't abandoned the idea of writing more altogether, these fills have probably been abandoned.

seen you coming a long ways off
j2 AU. Jensen's mother is jealous of Jensen when she catches her husband raping him.
Routine Procedures
j2 AU. When 10yo Jensen's mom drops him off at their pediatrician alone, Jared convinces him it's time to do his Preteen Exam.
the boy who cried (wolf)
Jensen/many AU, including Jeff and Jared. 13yo Jensen is a newly bitten omega werewolf, going into his first heat. He's shared by all the alphas in the pack.
hot mama & sequel
j2 AU, Jensen/Jeff, Jensen/others. on a roadtrip, 15yo girl!Jensen catches the eye of biker!Jared and his gang.
you could fry an egg
j2 AU. 32yo Jared loves watching his 13yo neighbor swimming naked in his pool. and you know, other stuff.
lead me not
Castiel/Dean foster AU
j3 forced infantilism
posted at blindfold


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