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Around 2200 words. written in response to this prompt, in which Jared fucks his stepdaughter while his wife is away.

14-yo girl!Jensen, 25yo stepdaddy!Jared, and references to sex with Jenny's cougar mom. consensual, arguably.

He hasn't had the balls yet to make this trip when his wife is home. Though Jenny's suite is far enough, she'd never hear a thing.

Particularly since Jackie pops Valium like candy.

He could get away with it, but he doesn't. The journey to Jen's room's surreal enough when Jackie's gone. Out-of-body and slightly sick, like it's not Jared's hand on the doorknob to her room. She's fourteen years old. Jared's closest to a father the girl's ever had.

He never asked for that...never expected to be raise a teenager at the age of twenty-five.

He slips through the door and shuts it behind him, and though it's too dark to see, he knows. She's awake...waiting for him. She's playing possum, but her breath's too shallow, her body's too still. Her mom left today. She knew he'd be coming for her.

She sleeps in a pink bed that's too narrow for two, and if the lights were on, her stuffed animals would watch them. It's a little-girl room she hasn't outgrown. Not yet. Not entirely.

The bed dips beneath his weight as he settles by her knee, and she freezes up completely, all her muscles tensing. Stops breathing altogether when he strokes his fingers up the satiny skin from knee to panties.


It's sweet and sleepy, like he just woke her up. Like he's a real father, checking in before bed. Like his thumbs aren't tracing pussy lips through candy-colored bikini briefs. The crotch is slick where she's soaked them through.

"Yeah baby, just me."

Just your stepdad, climbing in with you at night. Nothing to worry about. Go back to sleep.

It was Jackie's idea for Jen to call him Daddy. Jared wishes it didn't make him stand and salute, every fucking time.

He brushes her clit through two layers of cotton, and he lingers on it, too light to be called rubbing. She doesn't move, doesn't moan, doesn't spread her thighs like Jackie would. There's just a pause in her breathing, the click of her throat, and a waver in her voice when she acts like nothing's wrong.

"Did Mom get off ok?"

No pun intended. She did, in every sense. Jared fucked her in the bathroom outside airport security, and the whole entire time, he was thinking of this.

"Her flight left on time. Seven hours to London."

"Good. That's good--"

The smallest gasp to choke off her words. That's all Jared gets from his mouth on her cunt...the only sign she gives that he's nibbling her clit through the crotch of her panties. He has to pry her legs apart, far enough to give him room. She doesn't clutch his hair, or fist the blankets; her arms are dead weight, hands open at her sides.

Jared's never liked this kind of mannequin lay. He likes greedy women who fuck and clutch and take. It's why he married Jackie...that and her millions. But Jenny isn't frigid. Just sweet and young and terrified.

It's such a fucking turn-on. He wishes it wasn't.

She'll loosen up once she comes a few times. Loose being relative. She's not giving lap dances. But she's only wooden like this when mommy first goes away. When she's gone weeks without him touching her.

She smells so goddamn good. Thick and fresh and horny. Jared noses around, breathes against her cunt. Enjoying her scent. The perfume gets stronger the more she leaks for him. She gets wet just from having him here.

Jared doesn't have to work for it at all.

The mattress creaks when he eases up the bed to lay on top of her. Her eyes are closed demurely, face turned aside like she might've gone back to sleep. It's a pretty lie. Her breath catches when his hips settle in, when his dick escapes his fly to prod between her legs.

Jared kisses the curve of her ear. And the hollow below it. And because it's what he's thinking, murmurs "Shouldn't be here like this. Rubbing against your tight little pussy. Can't stop thinking 'bout it though. Thought about this for weeks." He's breathing heavy, like the pervert that he is. He thinks she's rocking up against him, but it could just be him. The movement is subtle. It's his imagination.

He doesn't try to kiss her lips. She'll pretend to be asleep. He kisses her throat and her jaw instead, and slides his hand under her t-shirt, to grope one breast. It's much less than a handful. Too small yet to curve in the palm of his hand. They're sexy to look at, these barely-there breasts, but he has to massage them to really get a feel. To convince himself they're there at all.

It makes him feel like a kid himself. Stealing second. Praying the home team won't tag him out en route to third.

"Roll over on your side," he says. Because, speaking of third and rounding home, he can only get so far face to face while Jen plays dead, her legs closed together, shutting him out.

If there's ever any doubt she's awake and fairly willing, it's gone the moment she obeys him. She keeps her eyes closed. But she rolls towards the wall when he lifts his weight off her body, curling on her side and going still again. It takes care on Jared's part to shift up behind without falling off the mattress. Frames like his weren't meant to share a twin.

He tucks himself against her, uses his weight to muscle forward, til they're safe and secure. He always spoons her, on Night One. Took a lot of frustration to learn that trick. They're pressed close together but she knows he can't see her; she feels no pressure to participate and he can touch everywhere without fear of crushing her beneath him. Spooning's a winner for many, many reasons.

And his dick thinks it rocks to nestle home in the crack of her ass.

No clothes come off, on night one. Jared's learned to arrive in boxers alone. He never stays inside his fly, but always acts like that's on accident. Jenny sleeps in a t-shirt and undies every night, not just these, but he knows she'll spook if he tries to remove them. So tonight, he leaves them on. He works his fingers under her panties instead. As long as she's covered, she won't try to stop him.

She never tries to stop him.

The first direct brush of her clit, her ass arches, pressing back against him in a way his dick really likes. Just that first touch. After that she falls still. Jared breathes against the fine hair on her neck, and he rubs her slow and dirty.

It's his left hand, because she's laying on his right. He probes her open, third and fourth fingers cuz he's pinching at her clit, rolls it til she's shaking. So when his fingers sink inside, she drools come on his wedding ring. She's so damn wet...a needy slut like her mom, when you get right down to it.

He can't finger-fuck her without contracting carpal tunnel...at least, not like this. And she won't spread her legs to give him room. Not tonight. He just strokes her pretty pussy, inside and out, and brushes kisses down her neck til his hand gets tired.

She doesn't protest when he takes it away. She doesn't beg for him to get her off. She makes a startled sound, rare on nights like these, because tonight he holds her panties aside and tucks his hips up. Rubs his cockhead through her juices.

“On the rag last week, right?”

Jared does the shopping. He knows when tampons disappear, and his wife is starting menopause. Jen's the only fertile one. She nods, but Jared already knew.

“Good girl. Relax for me, it's been a while.”

It's painful, how slow he pushes himself inside her.

He groans out loud when they slot together all the way. She's so fucking snug, his dick is throbbing from the squeeze. He gasps for air and pulls her back, molds her body to him tight, pressed as close as they can be. Her head tucks underneath his chin. So small. She hooks one foot back onto his calf, muscles clamping on him as she shifts.

“Fuck,” Jared breathes. His hand finds its way underneath her clothes again, and he kneads her breast to keep from thrusting. He can't thrust. He never does. Some weird line he erected when they started this, and it makes no sense but it's one he won't cross.

He never fucks his daughter. It's something he can say, without lies. She's never known that rhythm bodies make. Her hips are ignorant. She's still a virgin, in that way. He hasn't ruined her completely.

He gets off, some days, just knowing where he's buried. Feeling her come on his cock is usually enough, and in the rare case it's not, he'll massage his balls til they give up and empty.

There's no need for him rut inside her like a dog. But he does like to come into her sweet little cunt, so he'll only put his dick in certain times of the month. She's too young for birth control. Jackie would object.

Once the urge to thrust has passed, he lets go of her tit and slips his hand between her thighs. She's stretched out around his big fat cock, and she flinches a little when his finger hits her clit.

“You know what I was thinking of, the other day?”

He plays her flesh against his cock with an idle lack of rhythm. Her only response is five toes digging into his leg.

“You never crawl in bed with us, anymore. I remember when I first moved in, a couple times a week, you'd come wiggling in the middle, from a nightmare or whatever. You were such a little cockblocker. It's like you had a sixth sense for when I was about to bang your mom.”

“I didn't—” She swallows back the whine in her tone, but she's too close to coming to stay in control. “I didn't know any better.”

“'Course not, baby. You were what...all of nine? Cutest little cockblock I ever did see.” She was, too. If he'd only fucking known. Back then, she'd been a strange little human who loved him immediately. He never knew what to do with that, before she grew tits.

“Anyway, I had this dream, the other night. You came and crawled in bed with your mom and me, but you weren't a little kid. You were all grown up, like this. And you pressed up against me, all wet and ripe and lush. I fucked you from behind while your mom slept beside us.”

In the dream, Jackie didn't mind. She asked if her girl had a tight little cunt, and thanked him for helping her get back to sleep. Jared's so fucked in the goddamn head. The next morning in the shower, he jacked off thinking about it, and nearly spooged his brains down the bathroom drain.

He's not sure why he's sharing that gem with her right now. She's too young to find it a turn-on, and he's probably warping her, seriously, for life. But when he shuts his eyes, they're in the master bedroom. Jackie's right there watching...she knows and doesn't mind. Approves, in fact, when her daughter loses it and comes, and milks Jared dry.

She gets so sloppy. Jenny's sopping before Jared even shoots his load, and together...they're a mess. He rocks his hips a little through the aftermath. They squish. He plays with her clit til she's shaking, exhausted. He's biting a big sucking bruise in the flesh of her throat. She'll have to stay inside for days.


High and tight and hurting. He takes his hand away. Straight to hell, no question about it.

But she doesn't scramble away in fear. She sighs in relief, loose-limbed against him, and pulls his arm around her waist, clutching his hand to her chest like just another teddybear.

She wraps her lips around his messy fingers, and Jared's heart fucking stops. His dick twitches, though there's nothing left to give. If he moved a muscle, it would slip out of her, so he doesn't. He stays still.

She suckles at his fingertips a little while longer, tongue swiping around and between. She's never sucked cock, but Jared's thought about it. And she's tasting him right now. She's tasting them both. Jared shudders, overwhelmed. “Fuck, baby.”

It won't be long. He knows it won't be, til he takes the rest of her. He's kidding himself, with these bullshit rules. It's a matter of time.

“G'night, Dad.” She's fading, sleepy. But she clutches his arm like he might disappear.

God fucking help him, but he's not going anywhere.
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