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around 3400 words. written in response to this prompt, in which Jared has sex with his daughter in a hot tub.

girl!Jensen is 13, which I think makes Jared 29. Daddycest. uh, consensual, as far as these things go.

Jared often feels guilty about jacking off in his hot tub. Not, you know, because it's unhygienic, though he's pretty sure it is. And not because snagging a private moment where he's easily discovered has been taboo since the year Jen first learned how to walk. It's not even that this hot tub was a gift for his daughter, and he can't be in it without thinking of her.

The real problem is that Jared's hand is in his swim trunks, palming his rock-hard dick, because he'd known his little girl would be joining him.

He's not surprised at all to hear the screen door slam against its frame behind him. It's volleyball season, and she's so sore all the time that she soaks in the tub every night.

Even without the aches and pains that come with Jen's athletics, it's the fifth.

He slips his hand carefully out of his shorts, and takes a few deep breaths. He knows from the silence that Jen is hanging back by the door, shy and flushed.

He turns his head a little. “Baby, 's that you? C'mon and join me.”

Her exhale is audible, and he smiles to himself as she pads closer. Like he's ever gonna turn her away.

Jared turns under the guise of popping his neck to watch her drop the towel she keeps wrapped around her for modesty. She's a little embarrassed yet of her new body.

It's sure as shit nothing to be ashamed of. The baby fat has mostly fallen away, leaving that sleek skinny frame caught on the verge of adulthood. Her hips are still narrow. They're lagging far behind the development of her tits. Jared knows, from hours of single-parent shopping, that she's only a C-cup now, but relative to the rest of her, that C looks pretty huge. The string bikini he bought last month showcases them to mouth-watering perfection.

She winces as she lowers herself into the hot tub, upper body sore from hours of pass drills.

“You hurtin', baby girl?”

She bites her lip and nods, eyes not quite meeting his. She looks more like her mom every day, but her eyes are all Jared. Well, Jared's mom, really – hazel, but more green than Jared's own. He loves that the most important part of her, the soul part, belongs more to him than that worthless bitch who birthed her.

“I can work out the knots, if you want.”

They speak in code, innocuous and familial. But Jared knows she understands, from the hot blush visible in the deck lighting. Really, it's Jared's code only, because Jen's too abashed to answer in any way but this: to glide across the open space of the hot tub and settle in the V of Jared's legs.

He bites back the moan from that sweet little ass nuzzling up against his dick. Two thin layers of fabric, and water so hot he can almost pretend to be in her.

He takes his time working her upper body loose, and it's not exactly a chore. He'd rather have a handful of her breasts for sure, but her skin is so soft, layered over the tense knots of her traps and delts. And the way she melts back against him...by the time he's wringing out her forearms, she's a puddle of goo in his arms.

She's so relaxed that she only tenses a little bit when his hand spans her lower belly, massaging deep but gentle to relieve a different kind of pain. “You cramping yet, sweetheart?”

Her head rolls loosely on her neck, lolling with complete trust against his shoulder. “All day.”

“You poor thing,” he murmurs, and brushes a kiss against the exposed span of her throat. His dick is throbbing against her, but he keeps his voice low and soft to mask how badly he wants this. He thinks she knows. She knows, his smart girl, but she's too young yet to really understand. If she did, she'd be less trusting. “You want me to help?”

It's only because they're pressed together that he feels her shudder, just a small involuntary spasm, and she hides her face by turning a little further away. “Please.”

“'Course, baby. Anything for my girl.” He reigns himself in a little longer, keeping his breathing steady as he presses circles against that beautiful, achy womb. It's an excuse to take what he's wanting.

When he finally does move on, he doesn't slide inside her bikini right away...he slips his hand between her thighs and strokes her through the crotch. She's so sensitive to the idea of being touched. She jerks against his hand, her breath catches against his shoulder, and he knows that she gets wet for him. Just like that, from being brushed indirectly.

He can't get enough. He teases her, first tracing her plump outer lips through the fabric. There's that first wave of shyness, where she clamps her legs tight on his hand, but it's too late to take it back. She just traps him where he wants to be, and he reminds her by rubbing, front to back, again and again. Gentle, patient pressure that doesn't stop until she's swollen for him and her thighs part all on their own.

Jared kisses the soft spot under her ear in reward and probes deeper, dragging his fingers up and down the groove of her inner lips. He avoids her clit, they're not there yet, but he can feel how slicked up she is for him by the way the fabric glides against her slit.

Finally he traces up higher, high enough to catch her clit and circle it and she bucks against him, near-sobs and recoils, because she's so stimulated now, so easy to ripen, that the fabric actually hurts her.


Jared can't prevent the rumble in his chest, not when she calls him that...like that. He buries his whole hand between her legs and lifts, shifts her from the bench between his legs to being planted in his lap. He grinds their hips together then forces himself to stop, to kiss her shoulder, sound paternal and sane. He wants this, thinks she does too, but he won't scare her just to get it.

“You want what we tried last time, or just the normal way?”

The normal way. They'd cart him off to Special Prison if they had any clue how abnormal Jared's prescription is for menstrual cramps.

“Like last time.”

It's a whisper, but he catches it loud and clear, accompanied by the helpful life of her childish hips, so he can slide her bottoms off. But Jared's greedy. So after he's laid the dripping fabric over the side of the tub, his fingers find their way between her breasts, instead of between her legs where she's ready for him.

He tugs on the thread of fabric connecting the right triangle to the left, and her head jerks off his shoulder. This is new. “Might be more comfy without this on.”

She's quiet long enough that Jared's about to take it back. She sits up and reaches to the nape of her neck to unravel one of the two bows holding this contraption together. Jared is happy to get the other one. She settles against him completely bare, naked as the day she was born (the doctor put her in his arms and said congratulations, and he was barely more than a kid himself). He can feel his heartbeat in his cock, and then she tucks her hot face under his chin and his chest squeezes a little bit too.

“I love you, pumpkin.”

He can feel her breath against his throat before anything is audible. “...you too, Dad.”

Then he does what he promised. At the first bare stroke of her clitoris, she cries out and Jared clamps his hand on her mouth. Sometimes Jen needs reminding that they have neighbors. None of them can see the hot tub where it's positioned, but there's no mistaking the sounds she makes.

“Can you keep quiet, or do I do this one-handed?”

She shakes her head so fast Jared has to chuckle, but she's true to her word. He takes his hand away and pins her back against him as he frigs her clit. She pants her way towards her first painful orgasm, quiet enough, but desperate and ragged. The first time always hurts, and he's not sure whether that's the time of month, or her nerves, or just the way that she's built. But she'll shy away from the second one if he lets her, so he doesn't. Hardly gives a reprieve before pushing her to the next.

Her cunt's still rippling from number one when he pushes two fingers inside, probing along her front wall until she spazzes forward like he'd let her escape.

“Ssshhh, give it up, settle down.” He works her g-spot with his left hand and her clit with his right, and she catches herself every time she starts those needy hurting noises he doesn't want her to hide. Soon, they'll do this inside, where she can wail for him. But she still needs the pretense, still fights her own body. Case in point.... “Let it go. Just let go. C'mon honey, you know you'll feel good.”

She doesn't. When it comes to stubborn, she's her father's daughter.

He ups the ante, fucking inside with more speed and strength, til he's banging her so hard with his fingers, she turns and sinks her teen in the meat of his shoulder to keep from crying out. God, she's so fucking sexy. She's wet as hell around his fingers and trembling with the need to come, and Jared's getting carpal tunnel because his daughter is a stubborn little wench. But he's gonna make her come.

“I made this cunt,” Jared breathes, and it's...not what he meant to say, but fuck, it's true, and it hits him like a sledgehammer, this whole degree of narcissism he hadn't yet reached. “This pussy's mine, I made it, and I want it to come.”

She thrashes so hard half the water sloshes out, and Jared needs four hands, one to pin her, one to silence her, cuz the two he's got are busy fucking her headlong into this orgasm. She wails just like he wanted her to, but he's too goddamn turned on to care that half the block must've heard it. She comes so hard, so long, he's not at all surprised when she goes limp-noodle once it leaves her.

Jared does his best to support her wait and push his shorts down at the exact same time, because if he doesn't get a hand on his dick right now, he'll curl up and die.

Her place in his lap isn't all that conducive to jacking off, and if he puts her aside, she might just drown smiling. It's not long before he gives up on tugging it himself and starts to thrust along her cunt...and it's not long after that his dick starts nudging inside. All on its own. He's so hard, he'd be flat against his stomach without Jen in the way, and once the tip catches at her opening, he can't convince himself to pull it away.

She's so wet, more slippery than the water, and his dick slides around in it. But he keeps finding her hole like they were built to fit, and she parts for him, a little grudging, when he pushes forward. The head's all the way inside by the time Jenny moans and shifts in protest. He realizes she must've been unconscious for a while there, and he pulses precome, again at the knowledge he put it inside her.

You can knock someone up from precome alone. That's how he got Jensen. At fifteen, Jared figured pulling out was good enough, and he was proven decisively wrong. He could have put a kid in Jen, just now.

Jared grips her hips and slams himself home.

“Daddy,” she whimpers, and Jared can't soothe her. Because he's buried to his balls inside his little girl, using all his concentration not to come.

Jesus. Jesus, she's so tight.

No hymen to tear. Hers ripped when she was eight during a rather acrobatic night of gymnastics practice, and Jared remembers the pulse of excitement that hit him when the ER doctor explained that the blood in her panties was nothing serious. Just a twinge, because she'd still been tiny, prepubescent and shapeless, and the reaction had disturbed him. A preview of coming attractions.

He's reigned himself in, but then Jenny shifts, flexes, and Jared goes breathless. “You like my dick? That's me, baby. That's me, in you.”

She sits up abruptly, and Jared moans. Didn't know he could get even deeper. Her face, when she looks back again, is downright stricken, and Jared momentarily forgets about his dick.

“Hey. Hey, we don't have to...I can...is this. Are you ok?”

“I missed it.”

Jared sends up a prayer of thanksgiving to a god that would rather he didn't. “Sorry, baby, it was an accident.”

Jensen nods, because she's thirteen and doesn't know how very stupid that sounds. She rocks a little in his lap, testing this new thing out, completely unaware that her father's biting his tongue off. But she still looks vaguely unhappy.

“Baby, what's up?”

She flicks him a look through her lashes that she doesn't know is enticing. It's just her, being his shy little girl. “Can we still...will it work if I turn around?”

“Sure,” Jared manages, and as soon as it's out, she's off his dick and turning in his arms.

That's where she seems to stall out. Because she's lacking the courage to climb right back on. Jared takes her hips in his hands and maneuvers her astride, and this time he gets to watch the fearpainapprehension on his baby girl's face as he probes, and nudges, and finally pulls her down on top of him.

It's just as shocking to slip inside the second time as it was the first. He's grateful for the reprieve when Jen immediately burrows into his arms and tucks her head against his throat, once again shy. He bear-hugs her against him and feels his heart beating against the walls of her cunt, a fast and painful throb.

I made this pussy. This pussy is mine.

Jared groans and screws himself up against it, deeper.

Jen makes a little noise against his shoulder, the same one 'Chelle used to make when her clit was trapped between their pelvises. Who knew fuck sounds were genetic? Jared repeats the rock-and-grind that works for them both, pressed together like this, and Jenny gasps “Dad” against him.

“You feel so fucking good, baby. My perfect girl. Sit up for me? Wanna see those pretty green eyes while I put my dick in you.”

She makes a sound of protest, likely shy, but Jared encourages her to peel away with firm hands and she sits back eventually. Kid has great posture. She avoids looking up at him til he lifts her chin with his knuckle.

“Eyes front, kitten.”

She rolls them a little when he chucks her chin, but they return to his, as ordered, and it loosened her up a bit. Now both his hands are free to guide her hips through a rolling grind that she picks up rather quickly.

Five years of dance class was good for something after all.

She's lit golden on one side and blueish silver on the other, porch light and moon. Her pupils are the size of saucers and there's an attractive flush extending down her chest. It matches the color of her pretty pink nipples, puckered and pointed before Jared ever touches them.

“God, just look at you. So fucking hot. All grown up. You're gorgeous, sweetheart.”

Jenny ducks her head, and before Jared can reprimand her for it, darts forward to give him a kiss. A soft press of lips, badly aimed enough that it catches only his bottom lip, but it's a first, of sorts, and sweeter for being initiated by her.

Jared palms the palms the side of her face and realigns their mouths, powering the motion of their hips when Jensen loses track. Nibbling her lips to beat. He doesn't try to give her tongue. He wants to kiss, but god, right now, he needs to fuck.

“Jesus Christ, I need to come, baby, it hurts.”

She bites her lip, eyes darting down to the place where they're joined briefly, before she looks away. “What do I do?”

“Ride me hard and fast. I'll show you. Sore?”

She is, he can tell by the look on her face, but she says, “'m fine,” and Jared's too hard up to care.

He shows her how to ride his dick, not just sit on it, stepping up the pace til it's almost where he needs it. The water resistance makes things harder, but she's young and athletic, and gets the hang of it pretty quick. Jared sits back and watches her, heavy-lidded, til the bounce of young tits in his face is more temptation than he can handle.

She falters when he catches one and closes his lips around it, his teeth, loving it rough. He tries to smack her ass to get her moving but the water makes his hand too slow, and he ends up palming both cheeks and forcing her up and down til she picks back up again.

He mauls her nipple til it's red and sore looking, and moves on to the other. Jenny's hand fists in his hair, unintentionally rough, and he groans into her breast. He can feel his cock drooling now, knows without the slosh of water he'd hear the squelchy smack-smack-smack of their combined juices every time she collides against his lap.

Jensen's panting, just a sliver of sound underneath it like a whine that just wants out. Jared lets go of her nipple with a pop, steadying one hand on Jenny's hip so he can thumb at her clit.

She starts coming almost immediately. Not as hard as before, but hard enough that she pulls at his hair when it hits, squeezing his dick like a python. He braces both hands on her hips and slams her down fasterfasterfaster...when he comes, it's a minor relief, temporary, like he needs to fuck her a dozen more times before he'll feel completely satisfied. He stays cognizant, of his own hips juttering deep, of the pulsing come against her cervix, of the spasm and release of all his muscles, and the way Jen eventually settles against his chest like a puppy. Like she did when she was small enough to fit there, no longer than the space between his sternum and his bellybutton.

She'd be hot as fuck, if she was swollen up with his kid. Michelle was, right up to delivery. His balls wring out one last pulse, seconding that plan.

Not that it's a plan. It's insane, is what it is. Fucking gets him going, though.

“Daddy?” she says into his shoulder. Jared strokes her hair in reponse, and she turns into the touch. “Weren't we...I mean, I saw on tv how you should always use condoms.”

It's insane, is what it is. Jared kisses her shoulder and knows he should take this opening, get her on the pill. “The hot water kills the sperm, babe. Nothing to worry about.”
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