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prevous parts here. This takes place several months later. Jo meets Sam and Dean. Dean is 18,Sam is 14, and Jo is still 10.

In all the months they’d been working apart, Dad never mentioned that he and Bill had the Harvelles’ kid along. They spoke on the phone at least every other day, and maybe it was weird that Dad kept putting off the date they’d join back up, but Dean was just stoked to be given that much independence and Sam was always fighting with Dad now anyway. So he hadn’t thought much of it.

When they finally did meet up in Denver, Jo was just there, like she belonged with them, and nobody bothered to clue Sam and Dean in on why. Dean thought it was a little odd...even they hadn’t been allowed to join on a hunt that young, and he didn’t get why you’d go dragging a kid around when she had a perfectly good mother at home.

He found it odder the way the girl, Jo, kept looking at them. Dean had caught her staring at his fly more than once.

Dad was flush from being paid for a gig up in Washington—and apparently paid damn well—so they were staying in a slightly nicer place than they would normally. More like a really small apartment, with the kitchen and what-not, but squeezed into one big, divided room.

The five of them were all crammed in together, because Dad was habitually cheap even when there was cash in his pocket. At least nobody was gonna be sleeping on the floor. Two queens and a sofa bed, so they could make that work.

Dad and Bill went off for a drink or something, which Dean figured was fair. They probably hadn’t had much of a chance to blow off steam with the midget in tow. He and Sam settled in to watch tv, since this place had actual cable and not the limited kind where you only got lame-ass MTV and the broadcast stations.

Dean thought it was a little odd that Jo climbed into his lap when there was plenty of room on the couch, but whatever. Girls were probably raised to be touched more, or whatever. And she wasn’t exactly heavy, just kinda gangly with long coltish limbs she hadn’t grown into yet.

But after like, ten minutes, she got all antsy and wiggling around in his lap. Which would have been fine, except the way she was squirming...if she was older, he’d think she was trying to wake his dick up on purpose.

“Sweetheart, you gotta settle down, or sit somewhere else. You’re distracting me from the movie.”

He was really rooting for option number two, because it was kinda awkward having wood with a kid in your lap. But she slumped back against his chest with a whine instead. “I don’t think I can wait for Uncle John.”

He exchanged a look with Sam, who shrugged. “Okay. Well, uh. What do you need him for?”

Jo squirmed again, but went still before he could call her on it. “’m horny.”

At first Dean thought he hadn’t heard her right and any minute Sam would smack him for being a pervert. Except Sam had choked on a mouthful of soda and was currently coughing his lungs out. So then Dean decided she just didn’t really know what she was saying. He was sure that must be it, until she followed up with: “I want Uncle John to come back and fuck me with his fingers. My cunt feels empty.”

Oh that was wrong. That was so wrong, coming out in that sweet little voice. And now Dean was so hard he hurt.

His mouth was dry. “Does he do that a lot?”


Jesus, what the fuck was Dad doing? “What about your father?”

“I don’t think Daddy likes to play. But he lets me jerk him off sometimes. I only got to suck his cock once.”

He’d meant more along the lines of why hasn’t he castrated Uncle John...but. Well. He liked her interpretation better.

This definitely explained what the hell Dad and Bill were doing carting Jo around.

Dean slid his eyes over to Sam, who he half-expected to be filled with moral outrage. But the kid looked just as dumbfounded as Dean felt, and he’d definitely pitched a tent already. Right. Sam was fourteen, and it hadn’t really been that long since the kid discovered what his dick was for. Big brain turns off when the little one says howdy.

Which made Dean think that Sam would actually let him do this, without any protest, as long as Dean didn’t give him time to think about it first. And Dad sure as hell didn’t have a leg to stand on if Dean was just going where he’d already been.

Dean chose not to think about the fact that he was now eighteen, and eligible to get ass-raped in prison for what he was about to say. If Bill objected, he’d be more likely to shoot Dean than turn him over to the cops anyway.

“Oh. Well. Sammy and I could stand in for Uncle John, if you want.”

Sam made a strangled little noise to his left, and Jo twisted around to look at him with wide eyes. “Are you both hunters?”

He was a little lost on how that related, but the job had gotten him ass before. “Uh-huh.”

“Oh! It’s like my first real job. Uncle John and Daddy are just teaching me.”

“Sure, uh-huh.” Now Dean was really lost, but he wasn’t gonna ask for explanations. “You know what’s the best way to start the job? Taking your clothes off.”

She hopped off his lap and stripped down so quick that Sam didn’t have the chance to voice any objections. And since Dean already had his dick pulled out the fly of his jeans, Sammy apparently felt encouraged to reach into his athletic shorts to palm himself. Dean took his eyes off Jo’s body just long enough to gauge that he was now home free.

“Well look at you,” Dean drawled, and watched her cheeks go pink. Her little pussy was mostly bare, but her tits were starting to develop. She had puffy little nipples on top of swelling flesh so new, she was more pointy than plump. Dean had never seen anything like it. The first girls to ever let him feel them up were already farther along than this.

When he spoke again, his voice had dropped an octave. “C’mere, honey.”

She scrambled back onto his lap quick enough, making Dean jerk when she straddled his hips and rubbed her hot little cunt against his dick. Sammy had twisted around in his seat and was damn near panting.

Her budding breasts were way less than a handful, and a little firmer—harder—than a grown woman’s. Dean was fascinated until he realized that the whimpering sounds coming out of Jo weren’t all that enthusiastic.

“Hurts. I only like it when Uncle John licks them.”

Dean blinked at her. “Oh. Uhm. Sorry.”

Saying she liked it was maybe an understatement. As soon as Dean obliged, she started grinding down against his crotch desperately, smearing wet all over his cock.

My cunt feels empty, she’d said. Well. Who was Dean to leave a girl in dire straits?

Two fingers slid inside her easy, which was a bit of a surprise, to be honest. She was such a tiny little thing. But she sure as hell was slick enough, and if she’d been used by two men for months now, he guessed it was only natural.

She fit snug around them, clenching down briefly and moaning, and God, rolling her hips like a fucking whore. Her little fists clenched in Dean’s shirt and she started riding them like she needed it to live. And she keened when Dean held her hip and slid a third finger along up inside.

“Oh fuck,” Sam muttered, jerking himself off frantically now, and Dean totally felt his pain.

Shit. Fuck. He’d used his last condom on that waitress in Boulder.

But then something occurred to him. Jo’s face screwed up when he stopped finger-fucking her. “Jo. Sweetheart. Have you had your period yet?”


At the moment, he’d take that for a no. The tip of his cock was pushing against her as soon as his fingers were out of the way.

Jo arched her little ass right onto it before Dean could even pull her down.

Oh... Oh, oh...big.” Jo groaned deep in her throat, a sound that did not belong on a little kid.

He whimpered, and he wasn’t ashamed to admit it. Jo was rotating her hips around, trying to get more of him in. Jesus. Jesus, jesus. She could only take a little more than half his length, and all her wriggling did was make her clamp like a vice.

Through the white noise of tightlittlepussy, Dean heard Sam shooting his load...honestly, it was a little impressive he’d made it this long.

Because Dean didn’t have any words anymore, he gripped Jo’s narrow hips and encouraged the little grinding motions she was already making. With a little coaching, she was riding his dick with a fluid rolling pace that had Dean forcing his eyes open. The visual was definitely worth the effort.

Jesus, fuck. She’d do a stripper pole proud.

One hand, still fisted in his shirt, started beating against his chest. “Dean. You gotta rub my happy...my clit.”

“Uh, right,” Dean croaked out, and had to clear his throat. “Sorry bout that.”

It only took a little encouragement to have her come around him, wailing, fucking herself through it hard and fast and natural. Bouncing on his cock so good that Dean didn’t last long after. She milked all the jizz out of him and then collapsed.

Dean hissed and uncoupled them before she could bend his dick right in the middle with the weight of her. She settled against his chest and he stroked her back, dazed.

“Did I do good?”

Dean stared down at her eager little face. “Uh. Yeah. You did real, real good.”

She grinned, all sweetness and light, and snuggled down against his body.

Dean was still panting at the ceiling, wondering what truck just hit him, when Dad and Bill came tromping back into the hotel. Dad was saying something about...something, and Dean rolled his head in that direction just as Dad came around the end of the sofa.

His eyes went from Sam to Dean to Jo...to Jo’s bare ass and Dean’s wet, used-up dick.

He swore like the seasoned Marine he was, and Dean cringed, all earlier ‘logic’ falling by the wayside. He was dead meat.

“Did you actually fuck her?” Dad demanded. “Or did she just suck you off?”

Dean blinked up at him, struggling to figure out what was wrong with that phrasing. But his brain was sludge. “Um. Fucked her?”

Dad’s eyes went over Dean’s head, and Dean realized Bill was right behind him when he heard him say, “Oh no. Don’t look at me. Your kid who couldn’t keep it in his pants, your idea to show her what was what. I am feeding your head to Ellen on a platter.”
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