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continued from here. lil Jo gets ample positive reinforcement for fulfilling her duties.

extreme underage. manual cherry-popping.

When they were almost done with their showers on her first night as hunt bunny, Uncle John told Jo they were gonna do something secret. He said there were certain things he’d promised Momma, and he wasn’t gonna break those promises, but this might hurt a little and parents didn’t like their kids being hurt.

That was true. Momma freaked out that time she fell off of Ash’s motorbike and broke her arm. The bone poked out through the skin and everything, and it hurt so bad Jo threw up. Ash wouldn’t give her rides anymore after that, because he said he valued his life.

But Uncle John said it would probably only hurt a little, and it was more the idea of the thing that Momma and Daddy didn’t like, more than the thing itself. Jo figured that made it not so bad to lie about.

Uncle John lifted her up under the armpits and Jo wrapped her arms and legs around him like a monkey. And then he braced her back against the wall so he could let go. He started touching her privates again, and Jo felt hot and squirmy inside like she did in the car.

“That one place feels really good,” she told him, and gasped when he rubbed on it.

“It’s your clit,” Uncle John explained, and nibbled her neck. His beard kind of tickled. “It’s there to make sex feel good.”

“I like it a lot,” she panted, and he laughed.

“Most girls do. Relax for me, sweetheart.” Jo felt some pressure down there like Uncle John was pushing something up inside her. It didn’t hurt, really, but it didn’t feel good like the other thing did. He shuddered a little, but the water was still hot. “This is your cunt. Or pussy. The doctor word is vagina. This is where my fingers go, and some day, my dick.”

“For babies?” Jo asked, because that sounded a little familiar.

“Mmhhmm. And also, just because it feels good.”

“But it doesn’t feel good.”

Uncle John turned and kissed her cheek. “It will...I’ll show you in a little bit. But first we’ve got to do this. When I push my finger in all the way, it might hurt, and even bleed a little, but only this time. Does that sound ok?”

Jo didn’t want to chicken out, but that made her kind of nervous. “And then it’ll feel good?”

“And then I’ll make it feel good. Okay?”

Jo took a breath. “Okay.”

“I need you brave and quiet, so you don’t wake your Daddy. Relax, I’ve got you. Like a bandaid, that’s all. There’s a good girl.”

It did hurt, sharp but quick. Not near as bad as her arm that one time, and more like a shot at the doctor. So Jo told Uncle John it didn’t hurt at all when he asked, because she wasn’t a baby. There was just a little bit of blood, but Uncle John washed it off.

He dried her with a towel and took off her shower cap and told her to go get in the empty bed while he did himself. Jo pulled off the bedspread and got under the covers because the air conditioning made the room kind of cold, and in the other bed, Daddy mumbled something in his sleep and rolled towards the other wall.

“Scootch over, bedbug,” Uncle John murmured, and Jo made room so he could climb in after her.

She warmed up really quick with him under the covers, and the big hand on her belly.

He propped himself up on his other elbow and ran his fingers up and down her side, which should have tickled, but instead made her squirmy. The bedside light was still on behind him, though he was blocking most of the light and it made his own face kind of shadowy. “You feel ok? Sore?”

It was throbbing a little between her legs where he’d done the secret thing, but it was only a little. “I’m fine.”

“You gotta tell me if anything hurts more than a little. That’s a standing order, JoBeth. You get me?”

“Mmhmm,” she agreed, and giggled when he kissed her on the nose.

Uncle John pushed the covers down below her ribs and looked at her chest, where a couple months back her nipples got all poked-out and puffy. It was kind of embarrassing and she hated it. She tried to cross her arms, but Uncle John pushed them away.

He traced one finger around the nipple and Jo sucked in a breath. They felt weird all the time, now, like even her softest shirts were way too scratchy.

Uncle John watched her, and rubbed his thumb over and over and over her nipple. Real gently but it was hard to say whether it felt good or hurt.

“I hate them. They’re sore all the time, and they look stupid.”

Jo didn’t see what could be funny about that, but Uncle John smiled. “I think they’re sexy.”

It made her feel really funny to hear him say that. No one had ever called her that before. “How?”

“Mm...” He traced her other nipple, causing more pain / not-pain til she was breathing kind of funny. “They’re a sign that you’re not a baby anymore. And I know that in a couple of years, they’ll grow into really pretty breasts. All soft in the palm of my hand, and they’ll jiggle when I fuck you.”

“Oh,” Jo breathed.

“Plus they look like just the right size to....” Uncle John bent down and closed his mouth over the swollen little disc and Jo keened, not sure if she liked it or not. But once the suction let up, so did the ache, and his tongue was there, so soft and flicking back and forth and—

Oh. Oh. Jo liked that a lot. She grabbed ahold of his hair when he started pulling away but he was just going over to lick at the other one, so she let him. It was the only time they’d ever felt good since they got all weird, and then Uncle John’s fingers found that really good place between her legs and Jo couldn’t hold still.

“Sshh, not so loud, baby,” Uncle John told her, and before she could complain, his mouth was back where she wanted it. She covered her mouth with her arm and tried to be quiet, but the thing from the car happened again, so quick this time. She got light-headed and dizzy and Uncle John chuckled and reminded her to breathe.

She was still all sweaty and shaking when Uncle John threw the covers back, but she was plenty warm now so that was fine. She made a noise to tell him not to go when he got up and moved away from her, but she was too tired to make him come back, even though she liked him being there. Huge and warm and smelling like Daddy’s soap.

Closing her eyes, she felt like she could float away, all sprawled out in the middle of the bed, so when Uncle John started moving her legs around, she just let him. She wasn’t looking, so she was taken by surprise when something soft started rubbing her good place. Her clit.

She blinked her eyes open and saw it was his mouth. His tongue. “Uncle John—” she complained, but then she stopped because even though she was already so tired, it felt really good. He was licking her all slow and light, and Jo bit her lip. Her eyes closed themselves again. It was almost relaxing, even though she was still shivering all over from feeling good and his tongue made it worse.

She tried to squirm away again when she felt pressure like his finger in the shower, but the pressure built and built and it didn’t start to hurt. His finger stopped moving and just stayed where it was, feeling so huge, but she forgot about it a little as he licked her faster.


Jo caught herself before Uncle John had to stop and remind her, and covered her mouth again with her arm. He chuckled and she could feel it vibrating between her legs, and that made them jerk. And then that felt so good around the finger inside her that Jo moved her hips again, up and down, towards Uncle John’s tongue and away.

She wasn’t real sure when it turned from her moving around his finger, into his finger moving inside of her, but it was. It felt so weird. Kind of uncomfortable, but...she wanted more, so she kept moving on her own and Uncle John licked her harder and the finger moved more, and everything kept speeding up and going harder until she went all hot-cold-tense-shaky again.

Jo remembered to breathe this time but she still felt spinny and like her head was light but her body was heavy. And then Uncle John was right there, hugging her, and Jo burrowed in close.

“Jesus. You’re in the right line of work, honey. Natural at this.”

She could feel the words inside his chest, and how much he really meant them. He smelled good. “Promise.”

He huffed out a laugh. “Uh, yeah. Promise.”

Jo already felt like she was half asleep, and this was the best dream ever. “W’ w’sat?”

Uncle John’s hand stroked up and down her back. “Eating you out...oral sex, the tongue part. And I fucked you with one finger. God, you took it like a pro.”

“No, th’...thing.”

“Mm.” John dropped a kiss on her mouth and then tucked her head back under his chin. “Coming. Getting off. Orgasm.”

Jo was out like a light.

[/end arc]

I'll skip ahead after this to a few months later, when Dean and Sam meet up with them. er, I feel like I should apologize to the OP for the fact that Bill doesn't get in the action much. clearly, John is hogging my attention, and that probably won't change. I think Bill feels all guilty.
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Date: 2010-06-18 06:56 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] tehdirtiestsock.livejournal.com
jesus you finished already?

I'mma call you speedy gonzales

also, thanks! hahaha

Date: 2010-06-19 05:24 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] kinkymcsokpupet.livejournal.com
I checked *hoping* for an update and was Super Excited to see this!!!

Can't wait for more!!!

Date: 2010-08-18 07:42 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] ikeeppushin.livejournal.com
Awesome! I love this verse SO MUCH. Brilliant. I wish this verse would never end. XD


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