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continued from here. Jo is still 10, so uh. yeah. that.

John stopped early for the night. The hunt they were heading towards wasn't all that urgent...just a ghost, and non-violent at that. The hotel where it'd taken up residence was willing to pay and they'd asked for John. So he'd drive all the way to Oregon instead of pitching the gig to a local hunter, but he wasn't in any hurry about it.

He might have been, if he didn’t have Jo.

By the time John's boys were Jo's age, they could drive for days without complaint. But the girl wasn't used to it, and John had specific plans for tonight. So he picked a town and pulled over by supper time.

Scope out the town, check into a place, find a diner unlikely to give ptomaine. All part of the routine. Once they were seated, Jo asked to be excused to the restroom and John watched his best friend follow with his eyes.

"Pretty little thing, isn't she? Gonna be a stunner. And she loves her daddy."

Bill jerked like he'd been hit, tearing his eyes back to John and coloring. "What? I mean...no." Realizing he'd raised his voice enough to draw attention, he leaned forward. "Don't look at me like that, you jackass. She's my daughter. It's one thing for you, if she wants...but...."

John held his hands up like surrender. "Hey, relax. I wasn't suggesting."

Bill shot him a look that let him know what he thought about that, but then Jo came back to the table and the waitress arrived to take their orders.

John had known Bill long enough, and well enough, to know when he was bullshitting himself. And Bill was bullshitting himself when he swore that he didn't want his little girl.

Bill loved Ellen, no doubt, and he doted on his daughter like any father should. But the last few years—since Jo had chosen her vocation—John knew that he'd been...curious. And it occasionally made him hell to live with. The bottom line was that no matter what Bill said...if John fucked around with Jo and left him out, eventually Bill would get mighty pissed.

So while Bill was taking a shower, John was coaching Jo on the game plan.

"Daddy," she said on cue as soon as soon as Bill emerged from the bathroom. "Uncle John says it's time for my next lesson, but I told him it wasn't fair if you didn't get to play too."

Bill shot him a look meant to kill, and John tried to hide his smile behind a shrug as Jo went to work wearing the man down. It helped that she really did want to service her father, and failed to understand why he should be the exception to the hunt bunny rule. The whole argument made John hard-pressed not to laugh, and damn glad he'd had sons...because he didn't figure he'd be any less of a pushover for those big brown eyes than Bill.

"I'm gonna kill you," Bill muttered as he settled onto one of the queen-sized beds, but it didn't escape John that Bill was hard before he'd even dropped his towel. John ignored him, took a seat nearby and got ready to talk Jo through her first handjob.

Once Jo snuggled up to her daddy’s side, John knew Bill was a goner. He tried to close his eyes, pretend this wasn't what it was as John coached her through those first, tentative strokes, but John knew that couldn’t last.

The sound Bill made, when his eyes slid open and he saw his dick being petted by her soft little hand...John dropped his hand into his own lap and gave his own erection a lazy massage through the crotch of his jeans.

She was an eager little thing and wanted Daddy's attention, Daddy's approval. Her hand couldn't quite make it around his girth...she was clumsy and erratic in the way she pumped his shaft, and it looked to John more like torture than a satisfying experience. But the look of concentration on her impish little face....

She was so excited that she couldn’t sit still, squirmed out from under Bill’s arm and knelt up by his side. "Am I doing it right, Daddy? Does that feel good?"

Bill reached out and stroked her cheek, swallowing thickly as his hips began to rock, and John knew the man was done fighting himself. "Feels real good, baby. So good. Let Daddy show you how to make it feel better."

John opened his fly and took hold of his own cock as Bill started guiding her through the motions, firmer and more steady than she could manage on her own. He was really just jacking himself off now but with Jo’s hand trapped in place, but whatever did the trick.

John stroked himself a little faster and wished he’d thought to strip the girl down before they began. Not that there wasn’t a certain charm in how sweet she looked in her pretty little sundress, kneeling next to her naked daddy, rubbing him off. She was getting to be so grown, all limbs and nearly as tall as Sam even though she was four years younger. But she was still a child, more than he remembered his boys ever being. Sometimes John thought she did that on purpose, just to be her daddy’s little girl.

Bill was biting his lip now, getting close. He moved their hands furiously over his cock, panting reassurances that Daddy was ok when Jo seemed concerned at the look on his face.

“You’re hurting your mouth,” she told him, and leaned in to press her lips there, kiss and make it better. Bill’s bottom lip popped free of his teeth with a groan and he shot all over his stomach, distracting Jo, who watched with fascination.

“Wow,” she said, and John had to laugh. Until she brought the hand Bill released up to her mouth and her little pink tongue darted out to taste the come. He and Bill both swore. The other man looked wrung out and sleepy, slumped against the headboard .

Bill tapped his mouth. “Gimme another kiss, pumpkin,” and she did, sweet and chaste. Then he patted her butt and reached for his towel to clean himself up. “Go see what your Uncle John wants done for him, then I’m sure he’ll do something nice for you.”

The last was directed at John more than Jo, like a warning, but John just quirked an eyebrow back. Bill couldn’t keep John’s hands off her if he wanted to.

Jo scrambled off the bed, but her eyes were already fixed on his cock, which was the only part he’d bothered to undress yet. “Hi, Uncle John.”

“Hi, baby. You like that?”

“My arm is kind of tired,” she said, shaking it out, and he laughed because even with Bill doing the work, it probably felt limp as a noodle.

“That’s ok, we’ll give it a rest. Come kneel between my knees.”

“John,” Bill frowned, but subsided when he got a look. He should know by now that John wouldn’t go too far.

But God, it was tempting, when she was kneeling so pretty in front of him. Serious brown eyes and long silky hair that was darkening to Mary’s shade, and that tiny bowed mouth. Waiting to be told what to do.

“How’d your daddy’s come taste?”

She frowned a little and looked at her hand before wiping it off on her dress. “Okay, I guess. Kinda salty.”

He reached down to cradle her chin, stroking the dimple below her mouth with his thumb. Soft, pretty girl. “Okay enough to want to taste mine?”

Her eyes immediately dropped to his dick, which jumped as her tongue slid over her bottom lip. So close to grazing his thumb. “Uh-huh.”

“Ok. One of the best things a hunt bunny can do is put a dick in her mouth, but we’re not gonna do that yet. I’m gonna touch myself like you touched Daddy, and while I do that, you’re gonna lick the tip. Sound good?”

She took her eyes off him long enough to look him in the eye and nodded.

It didn’t take John long, honestly. He’d been touching himself for a while already, and there was no way to describe how hot it was, watching Jo lick him. She took it so seriously, with that sweet little face. Braced her hand just under the head and after a few experimental ice cream swipes with the flat of her tongue, she decided without coaching to concentrate on his slit, like she wanted the taste of him. Little kitten licks, on and around and sometimes in, little wriggles digging into his hole, and Jesus Christ, her handjob was clumsy but she was fucking natural at this.

Every once in a while, she’d look up at him through her lashes, blushing at the praise he was giving her, but mostly she kept her eyes fixed on her work, lapping licking laving with his pre-come gathered on that innocent tongue....

So yeah, it wasn’t long before he came—in her mouth, on her chin, all over her girlish little sundress when she jerked back in surprise.

“Did I do good, Uncle John?” and he just groaned, still coming down from his orgasm. It was confirmation enough for her though, apparently. “My tongue is numb,” she said, and sounded so surprised that it made him laugh.

“C’mere, sweetheart,” he beckoned, and she scrambled into his lap, planting a kiss on his mouth and straddling him with complete innocence. John’s cock was too satisfied to take any notice, but his hands were plenty interested, sliding up her legs to cup her bare ass.

Christ. He’d forgotten she took the panties off in the car. He had to remember that in the morning, before someone looked in and wondered what a pair of Disney Princess undies were doing on John’s floorboard.

She squirmed a little as he began to stroke along her slit. He looked over and realized that at some point, Bill had nodded off.

“You wanna find out how good a tongue feels?” he murmured. “The way you learned about fingers this afternoon?”

It was kind of sweet, how she buried her face in his neck now, embarrassed for the first time. But she nodded.

“Ok. I want a shower first, though. You want to come with me?”

“Shower together?” Jo asked, like that was kind of silly.

“If you want. You don’t really need one, but I’d like it.”


She ran off to get the water running warm, and John stripped down. Bill woke up enough to work himself under the covers, but not enough to do more than mumble back at anything John said to him. That was probably better anyway.

He’d promised Ellen that he wouldn’t fuck Jo, and he wouldn’t. He could wait for that, since he’d only hurt her anyway, and that was one thing he didn’t want to do. But there was no reason the girl couldn’t take a finger or two, and John planned to see she enjoyed it.

It was possible, as tomboyish as she was, she’d already torn her hymen on her own, just being active, but it was also possible he’d be breaking it himself. No reason to upset Bill with a little pain. Or a little blood, but water washed that away just fine.

continued here

sorry for the delay. I shot my wad so many times in rapid succession that apparently I needed the refractory time :P hopefully I'll be along with more of this and other things shortly. and yes, I'll be continuing on to the stuff I implied, so don't shoot me for teasing, haha. also, I believe Sam and Dean will be appearing to run Jo through her paces *cough*

Date: 2010-06-10 08:19 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] nkashmee.livejournal.com
I love this. And pretty much everything else you've ever written. :D

Date: 2010-06-10 08:22 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] tehdirtiestsock.livejournal.com
ack! I'm glad you loved it even when the formatting was fucked, haha. I forgot the > on the lj-cut and so you didn't even get the beginning.

sorry! and thanks :)

Date: 2010-06-11 06:31 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] kebab1806.livejournal.com
OMG so hot....I haz no words...

Date: 2010-06-15 08:08 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] twivamp92.livejournal.com
so...damn this is hot.
and soooo fucking good. I seriously can't wait for more!

Date: 2010-06-17 03:27 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Juat wondering if you have any more of this written. I'd love to see more of this 'verse.


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